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3750 - Employee Spouse Educational Fee and Tuition Reduction


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Last updated: July 01, 2011


A. Policy
B. Spouses of Student Employees Excluded
C. Limitation of Spouse's Eligibility
D. Spouse Registration Data Form
E. Registration for Other Than Regular Credit
F. Termination of Employment
G. Limitation to Regular Programs and Terms
H. Limitation to Academic Services

A. POLICY. Under the Educational Fee and Tuition Reduction Program, enrollment in the university for reduced fees ($20 registration fee plus $5 a credit) is extended to the spouses of board-appointed UI employees on regular appointment who work at least half-time (including those on official leave). The Educational Fee and Tuition Reduction Program is a qualified tuition reduction plan under Section 117 of the Internal Revenue Code. Under this program, fees waived for enrollment in undergraduate courses are exempt from federal, state and social security taxes; fees waived for graduate level courses (above 500) are subject to tax; tax is payable by the employee. Provisions of federal or state law may, however, change at any time.  Participation in the Educational Fee and Tuition Reduction Program is subject to the provisions, interpretations, and limitations contained in the following subsections.

B. SPOUSES OF STUDENT EMPLOYEES EXCLUDED. Spouses of employees who are full-time students, including spouses of instructional assistants and graduate assistants, are not covered by this policy, except as provided in C-2, and are required to pay full fees and applicable tuition. (Consult the Graduate Bulletin for information concerning assistantships.)

C. LIMITATION OF SPOUSE'S ELIGIBILITY. A spouse who is also an eligible employee cannot register for more academic credits than other employees are entitled to under Section 3740.

D. SPOUSE REGISTRATION DATA FORM. A Spouse Registration Data Form needs to be completed by the employee and attached to the registration form. Spouse Registration Data Forms are available from the Student Accounts/Cashiers Office.

E. REGISTRATION FOR OTHER THAN REGULAR CREDIT. Courses taken for audit, zero-credit, or CEUs are counted as if they were taken for regular credit.

F. TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT. If an employee's appointment is terminated during an academic period for which the employee's spouse is registered for academic work under this policy, the academic work must be terminated unless the applicable fees are paid, except that if employment is terminated due to disability or death, the spouse or surviving spouse is not required to pay full fees for the remainder of the academic period during which the spouse was enrolled at the time of disability or death of the employee.

G. LIMITATION TO REGULAR PROGRAMS AND TERMS. This tuition reduction program does not apply to continuing education courses or courses offered through Independent Study in Idaho.

H. LIMITATION TO ACADEMIC SERVICES. A person who is registered under this policy is entitled only to academic services (e.g., instruction and use of the library). Other services covered by regular fees, such as student health services, insurance, ASUI membership, student activities, and admission to athletic events, are not included. Special fees imposed for certain aspects of instruction, such as for special courses and programs, web-based courses, individual instruction in music, and course-related field trips, must be paid.

Version History

Amended July 2011. Revised C, E, G, ad H.

Amended July 2009. Editorial changes.

Amended July 2002. Editorial changes to A, B, and D.

Amended July 1997. Editorial changes.

Adopted 1979.

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