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3450 - Presidential Actions to Manage Expenditures to Respond to Financial Challenges


  • Position: President
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Last updated: July 01, 2021


A. Authority for Management of University Expenditures
B. Consultation with Faculty and Staff
C. Implementation of Employment Actions

A. Authority for Management of University Expenditures. The President has the duty to respond to university financial challenges, and to maintain sound fiscal management.  As set out in RGP II.B.2., this includes the authority to take certain actions such as temporary furloughs or other short term employment actions in response to financial challenges.

B. Consultation with Faculty and Staff. In considering employment actions outlined in RGP II.B.2, the President shall seek input from the Faculty Senate and from the Staff Affairs Committee. The chairs of the Faculty Senate and the Staff Affairs Committee shall be given written notice from the President of the need for a reduction in university expenditures (including a description of any other cost reductions or additional ways to increase income that have been considered) and of the nature of any proposed employment action to accomplish the reduction.  Each group shall have at least 21 days to consider the President’s proposed action and to give such guidance or recommendations (including recommendations for other cost reductions or additional ways to increase income to be considered) as each group sees fit. No action shall be implemented until the President has considered any such guidance or recommendation timely given.

C. Implementation of Employment Actions. After consultation with the Faculty and Staff as described in paragraph B above, and consideration by the President of any guidance or recommendations timely given, temporary wage adjustments such as furloughs or similar short term employment actions may be implemented. Implementation of such temporary wage adjustments by the President will comply with Regents’ policies under RGP II.B.2, including:

a) uniform application of the employment action across the University or affected budgetary unit;
b) 30 days written notice to affected employees (which may be accomplished via e-mail); and
c) an opportunity for affected employees to be heard regarding application of the furlough to the affected employee.

Version History

Amended July 2021. Editorial changes.

Adopted July 2011.

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