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3420 - Faculty Salaries


  • Position: Vice Provost for Faculty
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Last updated: July 01, 2019

A. MARKET COMPENSATION. Salaries shall be determined with reference to nationally validated market salary rates pursuant to a model developed in consultation with the faculty and shall be communicated annually.

B. PERFORMANCE COMPENSATION. If funds are available for performance increases, the following process shall be followed for determining compensation for performance:

B-1. Basis. Performance increases shall be based on the performance of responsibilities in the faculty member’s position description. Faculty members must meet expectations in all areas of responsibility; excellence in any category of responsibility can be the basis for a performance increase.

B-2. Recommendations. The relative number of faculty within units in a college shall be considered in determining the number of recommendations for each unit if the number of such recommendations is limited.

B-3. Unit Administrator's Report. The unit administrator shall write a report to the dean recommending faculty for performance increases.

a) The report shall briefly state the reasons for each recommendation and prioritize the recommendations.
b) The recommendations shall be closely related to and supported by annual performance evaluations.
c) The unit administrator may recommend how funds should be distributed.

B-4. College Administrative Consultation. The dean shall confer with the unit administrators and other relevant faculty administrators regarding how to best allocate performance increases within the college to advance the strategic objectives of the units, college and university.

B-5. College Recommendation. Based on the unit administrators’ reports and the college administrative consultation, the dean shall recommend performance increases to the provost.

B-6. Future Performance. Unit administrators and deans shall meet with any faculty member who wants to discuss their salary to encourage conversation about future performance.

Version History

Amended July 2019. This section was completely rewritten to reflect current practices and ensure uniformity across all units.

Amended January 2009. Changes to this policy came about to simplify the forms, to include interdisciplinary activities, to tie AE to PD, and to connect to Strategic Action Plan goals.

Adopted 1979.

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