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3190 - Diminished Performance of Employees


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Last updated: July 01, 2009

A. If a decline in the productivity or effectiveness of an employee's performance is observed, the employee's administrative superior should consider the variety of possible causes, other than mere application of effort on the employee's part, that might be responsible for the change. Possible causes include health problems (both physical and mental or emotional), social problems (involving marital or other interpersonal relationships), financial problems, and abuse of alcohol or other substances. It is not the administrator's role to diagnose the problem but to suggest sources of appropriate professional help and to encourage the employee to seek such help.

B. Employees affected by such problems may obtain referral information and advice from Human Resources.

C. The restoration of an employee's effectiveness is in UI's interest as well as that of the employee. Nonetheless, either incompetence in the performance of assigned duties or failure to perform them is cause for dismissal. (See 3910 A for faculty, 3920 A for exempt, and 3930 C for classified staff.) Thus, after reasonable efforts to assist the employee and a reasonable allowance of time for the employee to show improvement, and even though the employee may be blameless under the circumstances, the procedures for dismissal may have to be set in motion.

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Amended July 2009. Editorial changes.

Amended December 2006. Editorial changes.

Amended January 2004. Editorial changes.

Amended July 2000. Editorial changes.

Adopted 1979.

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