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1340 - Academic Priorities


  • Position: Vice Provost for Faculty
  • Name: Diane Kelly-Reilly
  • Email:

Last updated: July 01, 2006

A. PRIORITIES. UI must continue to provide undergraduate education of the highest quality and must maintain those other activities that support and supplement the academic programs. In initiating, changing, or discontinuing academic programs, the highest priority is that of maintaining excellence in all aspects of undergraduate education. Beyond that fundamental one, priorities for development are established, in general, as: (1) upper-division undergraduate education, (2) graduate programs and their associated research activities, and (3) research activities not related to graduate programs.

B. RATIONALE. In identifying the foregoing areas of emphasis for academic development, it is recognized that:

B-1. The undergraduate teaching function is one of the essential reasons for existence of the University of Idaho.

B-2. Although the faculty views UI's highest priority for future development as upper-division undergraduate education, followed by graduate programs and research, such development should not impair current academic programs or the functions of the university necessary for their support (e.g., the library).

B-3. In particular, the necessary undergraduate teaching function, at all levels, should receive support that will enable it to continue at its present or at a higher level of excellence.

B-4. Those undergraduate courses that are fundamental to one or more disciplines, or that function as service courses to other disciplines, must be maintained.

B-5. To provide instruction that is current and of the highest quality, it is essential that members of the teaching faculty be engaged in research.

B-6. The involvement of faculty members with graduate courses and with graduate students provides a very important stimulus for the increase of knowledge.

B-7. The university is a complex network that functions to provide high quality education in response to, and commensurate with, the needs of the state of Idaho. The individual academic disciplines and functions are intricately interwoven in this network, to which each academic entity contributes its particular strengths.

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Amended 2006. Editorial changes.

Adopted 1983.

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