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90.35 - U of I Vandal Identification Cards


  • Position: Campus Card System Lead
  • Name: Ellis Nyssa
  • Email:

Last updated: July 01, 2022


A. Purpose
B. Scope
C. Definitions
D. Policy
E. Non-Compliance
F. Exceptions
G. Contact Information

A. Purpose. To provide a learning environment based on accountability and security, the University of Idaho provides an identification system that allows access to many card-related services. A Vandal Card is a tool to validate an individual’s purpose at U of I and reason to be on premises via designated authorities, particularly areas not accessible to the public. The Vandal Card is also utilized by various University services such as the library, dining services, and door or gate access to university functions. The U of I recommends all staff, faculty, and students have a properly issued Vandal Card.

B. Scope. This policy applies to all University of Idaho employees, students, and affiliates.

C. Definitions

C-1 Affiliate. Anyone who is not an employee, student, or otherwise employed by the University of Idaho directly. This includes vendors, contractors, partner institutions such as the Health Clinic, etc.

C-2. Cardholder. The person whose name and photograph appear on the Vandal Card.

C-3. Vandal Card. A University-issued identification card issued for the purpose of accessing programs and services administered by the University of Idaho.

D. Policy

D-1 General

a. All employees and students should be issued a Vandal Card.

b. University of Idaho Vandal Cards are the property of the University of Idaho.

c. Vandal Cards are not for official identification outside of U of I, nor do they replace government issued identification.

D-2 Eligibility

a. A Vandal Card may be issued if the individual fits into one of the classifications specified on the OIT Portal.

b. Affiliate cards require sponsorship from a U of I authority for issuance.

D-3. Validity. Vandal Cards are valid only for the duration of the cardholder’s status as an employee, student, or affiliate. Upon termination of the status, the Vandal Card will be deactivated.

D-4 Cardholder Responsibilities

a. The cardholder is responsible for all transactions and uses of the card unless it is reported lost or stolen.

b. Vandal Cards are not transferable and will be confiscated if found being used by someone other than the cardholder .

c. Vandal Cards may not be lent out or used by anyone other than the cardholder.

d. The cardholder must immediately report a lost or stolen card to the Office of Information Technology. A replacement fee may be charged to replace a lost Vandal Card.

e. U of I assumes no responsibility for misuse or charges to cardholder’s account due to card being lost or stolen

f. Vandal Cards may not be replicated and the information they contain may not be extracted from the card.

E. Noncompliance. Noncompliance with this policy may result, depending upon the nature of the noncompliance, in the user’s account or access to U of I buildings being temporarily suspended, or disabled, or permanently terminated. In the case of temporary suspension, U of I may require implementation of remedial measures prior to reinstatement of the user’s Vandal Card access. Additionally, the user may be referred for institutional sanctions to the appropriate university disciplinary body and may be subject to civil and criminal penalties.

F. Exceptions. Exceptions to this policy will be considered based on program and university need and will require prior approval of the U of I Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer or designee based on a recommendation approved by the supervising VP/Dean/Director. Exceptions can be submitted for approval on the OIT Portal site. Click here for more information.

G. Contact Information. OIT can assist with questions regarding this policy and related standards. Submit your questions or request services by contacting OIT.

Version History

Amended 2022. Removed outdated procedural information; clarified language throughout.

Amended 2008. Removed elements of policy that referred to areas outside of UI authority; revised policy related to account deactivation.

Amended 2006.

Adopted 2005.

Campus Locations

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Moscow, ID 83844-4264

Phone: 208-885-6111

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