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65.02 - Records Inventory, Retention and Disposition


  • Position: Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, Information Technologies
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Last updated: February 28, 2023


  1. Purpose
  2. Scope
  3. Definitions
  4. Policy
  5. Procedure
  6. Non-Compliance
  7. Contact Information
  8. Related Information

A. Purpose. This policy governs the preservation, transfer, disposal, and destruction of institutional records. The University of Idaho maintains a records management policy to comply with legal requirements, ensure security of confidential information, and preserve its history.

B. Scope. This policy applies to all Institutional Records, including Active, Inactive, and Archival Records, as defined below.

C. Definitions

C-1. Active Record: Any record that is being updated, manipulated, accessed, or relied upon by a University employee on a reasonably regular basis.

C-2. Archival Record: An Inactive Record that has permanent or historic value and is not required to be retained in the office in which it was originally generated.

C-3. Inactive Record: A record that is no longer an Active Record but still must be maintained for compliance with the SBOE Records Retention Schedule or other requirement, including state and federal law.

C-4. Institutional Record: Recorded information, in any form, including data in computer systems, created or received and maintained by an organization or person in the transaction of business or the conduct of affairs and kept as evidence of such activity. Institutional Records are preserved for varying periods to provide information and evidence concerning policies, decisions, procedures, functions, or other activities of the institution.

C-5. Office of Record: The administrative unit or academic department responsible for managing the relevant records.

C-6. Records Management: Systematic control of all records from their creation or receipt through their processing, distribution, organization, storage, retrieval and ultimate disposition.

C-7. SBOE Records Retention Schedule: The Idaho State Board of Education (SBOE) Public Higher Education Records Retention Schedule, which contains information necessary to implement the records management program at the University of Idaho.

D. Policy.

D-1. In general. It is the policy of the University of Idaho to comply with the SBOE Records Retention Schedule and all state and federal laws governing institutional records retention. The University of Idaho maintains a records management program within the Office of Information Technology (OIT) which guides employees in the preservation, transfer, disposal, and destruction of institutional records.

D-2. Office of Record. OIT shall have the authority to designate the Office of Record for each type of Institutional Record. Each Office of Record shall be responsible for compliance with this policy for the records within its purview.

D-3. Records retention

a. Active records. Each Office of Record shall maintain active records according to the timeframes established in the SBOE Records Retention Schedule or any institution-specific timeframe established by OIT.

b. Archival records. Each Office of Record shall transfer inactive records of permanent or historical value to the University Library’s Special Collections and Archives.

c. Records subject to investigation and litigation holds. No person may destroy any record pertaining to anticipated or ongoing investigation, legal action or proceeding, audit, or similar activity, even if the records retention date has been expired, until the matter has been resolved and the Office of Record has been specifically advised in writing by OIT or the Office of General Counsel that such records may be destroyed.

D-4. Records disposition. Each Office of Record shall destroy inactive records once the retention period has been met, provided the record is not subject to investigation or litigation hold. Offices of Record must follow OIT procedure when destroying University records.

E. Procedure. Each Office of Record shall comply with all procedures contained in the OIT Portal procedure on Records Management.

F. Noncompliance. Noncompliance may result in discipline up to and including dismissal and may subject the employee to civil and criminal penalties.

G. Contact Information. For questions on records management, please contact

H. Related Information

Version History

Amended February 2023. Complete rewrite; comprehensive review.

Amended May 2015. Added definitions for Confidential Records and Sensitive Records; revised procedures.

Amended August 2008. Revised to clarify, align with goals and requirements of Office of General Counsel, and coordinate with electronic records policy (APM 65.06), edited in conjunction with this revision.

Adopted August 2005.

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