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60.16 - Customs/International Purchases


  • Position: Purchasing Services Director
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Last updated: August 24, 2005

A. General. All goods purchased outside the U.S. require entry into this country through customs. An agent is designated by the University to do this. Notification of foreign purchases must be forwarded to our "agent of record" when contracts are awarded to foreign vendors. This is required for all items purchased by the University, excluding printed material.

B. Procedures. Whenever an order is issued to a foreign vendor, the following procedures are required:

B-1. Proper Notification. The University sends to the "Customs Agent of Record" a letter with a copy of the purchase order and any specifications that will assist the customs agent in making a classification evaluation. See attached sample memo [See sample].

B-2. Purchase Deliveries. The "Customs Agent of Record" will be responsible for arranging the delivery of the requested items to the ordering department, as well as handling any requirements associated with customs regulations.

B-3. Billing Process. The ordering department is responsible for any changes and/or fees involved with the transaction, which will be billed by the "Customs Agent of Record" after the goods have passed through customs and the agent arranges for delivery to the department.

B-4. Customs Agent of Record. The "Customs Agent of Record" for the University is:

Norman G. Jensen, Inc.
Attn: Shirley Allen
South 7 Howard Street/226 Symons Bldg.
Spokane, WA 99204
Telephone: (509) 838-2555
Facsimile: (509) 838-5471

C. Sample Information Memo. [See sample memo]

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