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60.03 - General Responsibilities within Purchasing Services


  • Position: Purchasing Services Director
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Last updated: July 30, 2009

A.General. Outlined below are the responsibilities, duties and required approvals of UI Purchasing Services and employees involved in and related to the University's purchasing process for goods and services.

B. Procedure. It shall be the responsibility of requesting units to ensure that all requisitions are properly entered on the university's administrative computer system (Banner) in order to secure necessary approvals and initiate Purchasing Services' process of purchasing goods or services. [ed. 7-09]

B-1. Ensure Fund Availability. It shall be the responsibility of the requesting unit to determine and ensure funds are available and properly budgeted for any proposed purchase.[ed. 7-09]

B-2. Ensure Proper Accounting Codes. It shall be the responsibility of the requesting unit to specify the proper accounting codes for all proposed purchases. Requisitions will be reviewed by Purchasing Services to verify budget and accounting codes. Any changes will be communicated directly to the requester.[ed. 7-09]

B-3. Develop Proper Specifications. It shall be the responsibility of the requesting unit to develop specifications in accordance with these policies. Specifications are subject to review and approval by Purchasing Services [See APM 60.46]. [ed. 7-09]

B-4. Monitor Vendor Performance. It shall be the responsibility of the requesting unit to monitor contractor performance, progress reports as required and payment requests. [ed. 7-09]

B-5. Waivers Approved. It shall be the responsibility of Purchasing Services to document and justify any special circumstances that limit or restrict competition, or require procedures other than those set forth in these policies.

B-6. Contractual Obligations. Purchasing Services shall be responsible for developing and updating standard contractual provisions and forms related to the purchasing function and for determining contract terms and conditions. Changes in standard contract terms and conditions require review and approval of General Counsel. [ed. 7-09]

B-7. Processing Purchase Transactions. Purchasing Services shall be responsible for the issuance of all purchase orders exceeding $5,000 and the signing of select contracts [See APM 60.20]. Purchasing Services has delegated authority to units for processing purchase transactions for goods and materials limited to no more than $5,000 through either the use of Purchase Orders [See APM 75.32] or the use of a University Purchasing Card [See APM 75.37]. All service contracts must be routed through Purchasing Services for administrative approval and signature.[ ed. 7-07, rev. 7-09]

B-8. Competitive Bid Process. Purchasing Services shall be responsible for the solicitation and opening of Requests for Bids and Requests for Proposals in accordance with these policies. Purchasing Services, with concurrence from the requesting unit, shall be responsible for analyzing such bids or proposals for compliance with the specifications and for determining compliance with all other requirements of the Request for Bids or Proposals. [ed. 7-09]

B-9. Bid Protest Resolution. All bid protests require resolution by the Director of Contracts and Purchasing Services. [ed. 7-09]

B-10. Debarrment, Suspension and Exclusion.Purchasing Services shall be responsible to ensure compliance of all procurements with (E.O.) 12549.
[add. 7-09]

B-11. Documentation. Purchasing Services shall maintain documentation related to all aspects of purchases utilizing a competitive process. Such documentation shall be available for public inspection upon request. [ren. 7-09]

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