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55.13 - Miscellaneous Paycheck Deductions


  • Position: Payroll Director
  • Name: Cretia Bunney
  • Email:

Last updated: July 21, 2009

A. General. In addition to deductions for state and federal income tax withholding and social security or federal civil service [See 50.09], a variety of other deductions are available for optional programs. The majority of these programs are available to board appointed employees only, and certain deductions may have limitations as to availability. The following table lists some of the current deductions, their code on the paycheck stub or direct deposit advisory, and whom to contact in order to ask questions, set up or to make changes to an existing payroll deduction from an employee's paycheck:

A-1. Types of Supplemental Payroll Deductions. [list rev. 12-10]

Deductions Contact
Supplemental Life Insurance (SUP) Human Resources
Medical and Dental Insurance (HI or HC) Human Resources
Latah Federal Credit Union (CU) Credit Union
ID Public Employee Association (IPE) IPEA Representative
Parking Permits (PP or PPP) Parking & Information Services
American Federation of Teachers (AFT) AFT Representative
American Assoc. of Univ. Professor AAUP Representative (AAU)
United Way (UW) United Way Representative
U.S. Savings Bonds (USB) Human Resources
Vandal Boosters (VB) Vandal Booster Office
KUID Public Television (KUI)
KUID Office
Campus Recreation Passes (CR) Campus Recreation
Office UI Student Loan (STL) Student Loan Office
UI Athletic Tickets (ATH) Athletic Ticket Office
Wellness Program (WEL) HPERD Office
Golf Course Season Tickets (GOL) Golf Course Pro Shop
VandalCard (VCD) Vandal Services
Tax Deferred Annuity Plans (TOI, 31) Human Resources

B. Process. Employees may select optional payroll deductions during New Employee Orientation or thereafter during annual open enrollment periods. Some deductions may be initiated at other times. Groups of UI employees may request availability of additional optional payroll deductions for special purposes. Approval is at the discretion of the University.

C. Procedure.

C-1. Procedure for Selecting Optional Payroll Deductions. Employees select optional payroll deductions at HR by completing the appropriate form for the particular deduction. Some deductions have limitations as to enrollment periods and must be initiated at the time of hire (preferably during New Employee Orientation) or at annual open enrollments, other deductions are subject to certain laws or regulations which affect time of enrollment or amount deducted. Once deduction(s) is/are selected, HR staff enter the deduction(s) in the Banner Human Resources Information System (HRIS).

C-2. Procedure for Adding Optional Payroll Deductions. Employees may request addition of new optional payroll deductions. Such requests will be reviewed by the Director, Business and Accounting Services and must be approved by the Vice President for Finance and Administration. Optional payroll deductions are subject to the following requirements:

i) Number of Participants. At least 15 employees must make the initial request for a specific purpose and must indicate that they plan to continue having the deduction made each pay period for at least a year. Any special-purpose payroll deduction arrangement may be terminated by UI whenever the number of participating employees falls below 10.

ii) Amount Deducted. Deductions must be for a minimum of $1 per pay period for each participating employee. Some deductions have other limitations regarding maximum amounts and/or number of times an employee may change the amount deducted.

D. Information.

D-1. Policy May Change. UI reserves the right to reassess and change policies or procedures covering payroll deductions at any time for valid reasons. Changes are announced in the University of Idaho Register.

D-2. UI Held Harmless. The fact that UI is administering or adds a deduction does not mean that it endorses the purpose(s) for which the deduction is made, nor does UI guarantee the services that are paid for by such deductions.

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