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55.05 - Employee Pay Check Distribution


  • Position: Payroll Director
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Last updated: August 23, 2005

A. General. The normal university payroll operates on a biweekly schedule with a two-week lag between the end of the pay period during which the salary was earned and the date the check is issued and available. If the last day of the payroll period is a holiday, checks will be available to the employee the day before the holiday.

B. Process Checks. Effective August 1, 2000, newly hired employees will be required to authorize direct deposit of their paycheck to a financial institution of their choice. Exemption to this policy must be requested in writing and approved by the Assistant Vice President for Finance.

B-1. Direct Deposits. Employees complete a Request to Direct Deposit Payroll Check [See Sample Form], to authorize the university to directly wire salary funds to the specified bank and checking or savings account number. A bank generated direct deposit slip should be attached to this form which includes the bank's routing number and employee's account number. Human Resource Services (HRS) and/or Student and Temporary Employment Services (STES) must have a minimum of two weeks notice to set up or modify a direct deposit request. A deposit slip will be sent to the university department the employee specifies on the form by pay day.

B-2. No-fee Checking Accounts. Employees who do not currently have a checking account with a financial institution can create a no-fee checking account with the University’s banking service provider. Forms are available at Human Resource Services (HRS) or at Payroll Services.

B-3. Other. Employees with service dates prior to August 1, 2000, may personally pick up their own paychecks at the Cashier’s window at the Bruce M. Pitman Center (Pitman Center) on paydays. Exceptions require the prior written authorization of the employee to whom the paycheck is issued. To arrange this, a special form is completed the Cashier’s window. Checks not distributed on pay day will continue to be available during the Cashier’s window hours, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., during the academic year and 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. during the summer. Photo identification is required to pick up a payroll check.

B-4. Copies of Pay Statements/Check Stubs/Salary History. For lost pay statements, check stubs or verification of wages, employees are encouraged to access the UI Banner Web Interface.

B-5. Verifications for Financing Institutions/State Agencies. Income verification for external financing institutions and state agencies is usually done in Payroll Services. These verifications include: employment verifications for loans, credit references, unemployment insurance, welfare applications and child support enforcement. Verifications for loans and credit are normally done in writing and only if the employee has signed a waiver form. These forms are usually submitted directly by the financing institutions. Written requests are required for all institutions outside the immediate area.

B-6. References or Work Skills/Habits. Verifications requesting background checks on former employees, including: skills, work habits, reasons for termination are normally completed by the employing department. If these verifications include salary and wage data, assistance in determining these numbers can be acquired in HRS.

C. Sample Request for Direct Deposit Payroll Check. [Sample Form]

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