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55.03 - Salary Overpayments


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Last updated: August 23, 2005

A. General. If an employee gets overpaid, contact Payroll Services immediately. A variety of instances may create an overpayment: E.G., (a) late Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAFs) when someone terminates; (b) reduces hours worked; (c) begins leave-without-pay; and/or (d) excess hours submitted on time cards.

B. Process. Continuing Employees. If an employee who receives excess payment on this payroll will be getting another check on the upcoming payroll, usually an adjustment will be made to correct the error on the next check. A corrected EPAF [See 50.03] for salaried employees and Temporary Hourly (TH) employees would need to be submitted by the department to Human Resource Services detailing the necessary correction.

B-1. Terminating Employees. Overpayments on employees terminating active status are corrected through a cancellation of the incorrect check and reissuing a new check if necessary. When an overpayment occurs, the department is responsible for contacting the employee and requesting the incorrect check be returned to the Payroll Office to be corrected. If on automatic deposit or if the incorrect check has been cashed, a personal check from the employee, made payable to the Bursar, University of Idaho, equal to the net amount of the incorrect check may be returned. As noted above, an EPAF explaining the error needs to be submitted to Human Resource Services (HRS) so that adjustments may be made, including a corrected check if necessary.

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