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50.11 - Processing Additional Compensation for Board-Appointed Employees


  • Position: Payroll Director
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Last updated: November 20, 2006

A. General. Occasionally payments for services performed by an employee which are in addition to the employee's normal work load may be required. Examples might include teaching continuing education classes and/or teaching academic classes.

A-1. By contrast, payments for royalties and payments for expenses such as moving expenses, or other reimbursements for expenses incurred on behalf of the University do not constitute payment for services. [See 60.41, 70.05, 70.06, 70.09 and 70.21 and 50.11 (D) below.]

A-2. This section does not apply to processing overtime compensation for eligible classified employees [See APM 50.10].

B. Process. Payments for services above and beyond the employee’s normal work load are authorized by departmental administrators with the Additional Compensation Salary Enhancement Form. Amounts are calculated automatically by Banner payroll processing pursuant to entries made by the departmental timekeeper. [See FSH 3440, G]

C. Procedure. Initiate an Electronic Personnel Action (EPAF) form, specifying PCN 9025.01 as the position control number and identify the (departmental) budget to be charged. Enter units, do not enter hours.

C-1. Payments for Services. Specify earnings code LPR on PHAHOUR which defaults the account code to E4110, a temporary help expense.

C-2. Payments for Royalties, Moving Expenses, and Other Reimbursements. Payments for royalties, moving expenses, and other reimbursements for expenses incurred on behalf of the University, are initiated via a Claim Voucher. [See APM 75.31] [ ed. 7-07.]

D. Information. Contact Payroll Services at (208) 885-3613 for questions regarding processing additional compensation for employees.

D-1. Exception. Contact Accounts Payable at (208) 885-5389 for questions related to processing of claim vouchers, and/or questions related to reimbursement for expenses (as contrasted to services).

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