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45.04 - Notice of Sponsored Projects and Establishment of Budgets


  • Position: Office of Sponsored Programs Director
  • Name: Sarah Martonick
  • Email:

Last updated: January 03, 2012

A. General. Notices of awards for sponsored projects may be received through various funding vehicles. This APM section clarifies the process by which an award from an external sponsor is accepted and subsequently set up and budgeted into the Banner system.

B. Definitions.

B-1.Notice of Award: Any of various funding vehicles used by external sponsors to indicate that the sponsor is making a commitment to fund a proposed scope of work. It may take the form of a grant notice requiring no additional signatures; a formal contract and/or agreement requiring signatures of one or more parties; an award letter which may or may not include a check payment in advance; or a purchase order.

C. Policy. If a unit receives such a notice of award, they should verify that the original award notice has been received by the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), and if not, forward that information to OSP as quickly as possible. The Director of OSP, or her/his designated representative, is the only person authorized to sign for the University.  Principal Investigators (PIs), unit administrators, college deans, and other University staff are not authorized to sign accepting external funding for sponsored projects on the University’s behalf.

D. Process/Procedures.

D-1. Request for Prior Review and/or Approval of Award Documents. PIs, and as appropriate unit administrators and/or college deans, must review and approve award documents prior to OSP initiating the budget set-up process. Any requested changes to the agreement(s) must be submitted to the OSP Contract Review Officer (CRO) for negotiation with the sponsor prior to official acceptance of the award. (Note: Establishment of a budget and spending authority will be delayed until an approved agreement is received by the CRO.)

D-2.Budget Set-Up. After the award is fully executed (all required signatures), the following steps will be completed:

  • OSP will establish a budget number. This budget number will constitute spending authority for the PI to charge direct expenses associated with the project for up to the amount currently funded by the sponsor.
  • Once the budget is set up, notification will be sent to the PI(s) and the Grant Administrator (GA) with the budget information and a copy of the award document.  Both of these documents should be reviewed carefully and the budget verified for accuracy.

E. Information. Any questions regarding notices of sponsored projects should be addressed to the Office of Sponsored Programs at 208-885-6651 or OSP Email.

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