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40.26 - Energy Management


  • Position: Director, Facilities
  • Email:

Last updated: August 19, 2005

A. General. Facilities coordinates the energy conservation program. The program is designed to make efficient use of existing systems; conserve state and university resources; protect the environment; and follow state and federal energy conservation recommendations and guidelines (including Executive Order No. 2001-04). For more information, see the Facilities sustainability website. [ed. 1-11]

B. Process. Telephone Facilities, (208) 885-6246, for assistance, information, or recommendations regarding energy conservation. [ed. 1-11]

C. Employee/Employer Responsibilities. All UI employees have a responsibility for energy conservation. The following recommendations should be followed day-to-day or during periodic maintenance:

  • Turn-off all personal computer systems when not in use for more than two (2) hours.
  • Temperatures in all campus buildings should be held to between 74-78 degrees in the summer and 68-70 degrees in the winter.
  • Turn-off any unnecessary lights.
  • Exterior lighting should be shut off during all daylight hours and between midnight to five o’clock a.m. (Necessary security and safety lighting should remain on as required.)
  • All main heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems (HVAC) should be reviewed for efficient operations.
  • The use of personal heaters should be limited to energy efficient heated mats or other high efficiency radiant heaters.
  • All hot water heaters should be reduced in temperatures to 140 degrees.
  • All hot water circulation loops should be examined to determine their necessity.
  • Turn-off fans, coffee pots and other small electrical appliances when not in use. Office equipment, such as copy machines should be shut down during off hours.
  • Off-hour security and janitorial crews should be instructed to turn off lights as work is complete in office areas.
  • All vending machines should have the lights turned off.

D. Information. Facilities systems maintenance personnel are responsible for analyzing and modifying HVAC and electrical systems in university buildings. Any questions or concerns should be addressed directly to Facilities (208) 885-6246, or by e-mail at: Facilities Email. [ed. 7-10, 1-11]

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