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35.25 - Recreational Fires - Obtaining Permission/Permits


  • Position: Environmental Health and Safety Director
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Last updated: September 30, 2009

A. General. Activities conducted on university property that involve recreational fires (e.g., bonfires, open-pit burning, and barbecues, other than those using charcoal or gas grills) require (1) prior authorization of the event, and (2) a recreational fire authorization permit from the university and a burning permit from the City of Moscow. It is important for the proper authorities to know what activities are taking place and if the fire conditions are appropriate for the event. [rev. 9-09]

B. Process. Prior authorization of an outdoor event on the Moscow campus is obtained through the Facility Scheduler in Campus Recreation. Any event with a recreational fire also must have a completed Recreational Fire Authorization Form, which can be downloaded from this link or obtained from the Environmental Health and Safety Office. [rev. 9-09]

B-1. In the case of locations outside of Moscow, authorization of the event is obtained from the senior administrator at the location, using the Recreational Fire Authorization Form, and the local fire authority must be contacted regarding fire permit requirements in that jurisdiction.[add. 9-09]

C. Procedures for Obtaining a Recreational Fire Authorization and a Burning Permit (Moscow Campus).[rev. 9-09]

C-1. Download a Recreational Fire Authorization Form from this link or obtain one from the Environmental Health and Safety Office. [rev. 9-09]

C-2. Complete all the information required on the form.

C-3. Return the form to the Environmental Health and Safety Office and obtain the approval signature of the Fire Safety Specialist or Director of Environmental Health and Safety. For locations outside of Moscow, return the form to the senior administrator at the location for his or her authorization. [rev. 9-09]

C-4. Take the completed authorization form to the Moscow Fire Department (Station #3, 229 Pintail Lane). The Moscow Fire Department will review the proposed activity and weather conditions and either issue or deny burning permit. For locations outside of Moscow, inform the local jurisdiction of the Recreational Fire Authorization Form and be prepared to share a copy if requested. [rev. 9-09]

D. Information. For additional information regarding recreational fires, please contact the Environmental Health and Safety Office at (208) 885-6524. [ed. 9-09]

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