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20.10 - Sale of Materials to Students


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Last updated: August 03, 2005

A. General. It is highly desirable for teachers to prepare textual or other aids to learning for their students. In particular, faculty members are under no institutional constraints in producing works that are published and sold through established publishers or licensing agencies, except that the decision to require one's own students to purchase the material must be made on a completely objective basis. When establishing publishing companies or licensing agencies are not used, ethical and fiduciary considerations require that special procedures be followed.

A-1. Professional Ethics Considered. The professional ethics of faculty and staff members require that they avoid any exploitation of students for their private advantage.

A-2. Collection of Money from Students. Collection of money from students by members of the UI faculty or staff, except under special circumstances and with specific authorization [See 20.08] is prohibited. Moreover, no university employee or academic unit may under any circumstances realize any personal gain or special remuneration through such transactions.

B. Procedures. A member of the faculty or staff shall not sell books or other instructional materials, regardless of the source from which they are obtained, directly to UI students. Such sales must be handled through established UI agencies such as the University Bookstore or the Campus Copy Centers, or through commercial agencies that operate within UI policy regarding professional ethics and copyright protection.

B-1. Costs of Products. Instructional materials prepared by UI instructional personnel for their classes and sold through a UI agency must be priced at the cost of production plus the handling charge imposed by the agency.

B-2. Publication Cost Considerations. If a UI employee contemplates production of instructional materials that, because of the quantity or cost involved, are beyond the capability of departmental duplicating equipment, arrangements may be made for production through UI Campus Copy Centers, UI Creative Services and Print Management, or a commercial agency. Cost to students should be a major consideration in selecting reproduction services. [ed. 7-10]

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