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20.09 - Student Fee Payments


  • Position: Controller
  • Name: Amanda Bauer
  • Email:

Last updated: August 03, 2005

A. General. With the exceptions noted below, the Board of Regents must approve the establishment or change of any fee that is charged to students.

B. Exceptions. The requirement of approval by the board does not apply to fees that are established by the legislature or by the terms of a contractual agreement with another state or program. The board has also authorized the president to set the following kinds of fees:

B-1. Special Course Fees or Assessments. Fees required for specific courses or activities and assessments that are not required of all students enrolled at UI. This category includes penalty assessments, such as library and parking fines; continuing education fees; laboratory and breakage fees; fees for video outreach courses; late registration fees, and fees for special courses offered for such purposes as remedial education credit that does not count toward meeting degree requirements. The chief executive officer is responsible for reporting these fees to the Board upon request.

B-2 Student Insurance Premiums or Board and Room Charges. Student health insurance premium, charges for room and board in UI dormitories, and rental rates for UI family housing units. Any change in these charges must be approved by the president at least three months before the beginning of the semester in which it is to become effective.

B-3. Activity Fees. Activity fees, such as those for intercollegiate athletics, health services, student union operations, student government, and recreation. The president must consult with ASUI and a public hearing must be held before an activity fee is established or changed. The president's approval must be not later than April 1 of the year before the academic year in which the change is to become effective.

C. Information. University Catalog. See the university catalog for information on current student fees and other charges that are in effect and the provisions for payment and refund of fees.

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