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05.07 - Liability Insurance for Students in Practica, Internships, or Clinical Experiences


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Last updated: July 26, 2005

A. General. The Risk Management Office is responsible for arranging liability insurance coverage for students in practicum or internship situations where a cooperator or clinical site requests liability coverage for the students as a condition of providing the on-site experience.

B. Process. Shortly after the beginning of each semester departments are asked to complete a Student Practicum Insurance Request form which provides information to the Risk Management Office regarding all students who will be enrolled that semester in practica, internships, or clinical experiences.

C. Procedure. For each student enrolled in a practicum, internship or clinical experience, the department is asked to report the student’s name, the course number, the type of practicum, internship or clinical experiences, dates of the activity, and name and address of the agency/site where the student will perform the activity.

C-1. Exception. Student Teaching and School Counselor Training in Idaho Public Schools. Students serving as student teachers or counselor trainees in public schools within the state of Idaho are, pursuant to Idaho Code 33-1201, expected to be covered in the school’s liability policy.

i) To ensure that the school districts are aware of this obligation, it is recommended that a statement similar to the one below be included in an agreement between the university and the perspective school district.

Idaho Code 33-1201 states that it is the responsibility of the school in which a student teacher is placed to include liability insurance coverage for that student in its coverage for its own teachers and staff. This expectation extends to counselor trainees and students placed in other learning-experience situations in Idaho public schools.

ii) Students scheduled for student teaching or counselor training in private schools, or in public schools outside of the state of Idaho, should be reported on the Student Practicum Insurance Request form. If necessary, insurance will be arranged for them on an excess basis, over and above any liability insurance provided by the school.

D. Information or Questions. Information or questions regarding student liability insurance, or requests for insurance may be directed to the Risk Management Office at (208) 885-7177, MS 2433 or

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