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05.06 - Charter Aircraft Use and Reporting Requirements


  • Position: Risk Manager
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Last updated: May 07, 2009

A. Policy. The Office of Risk Management (Risk) is responsible for reporting use of charter aircraft by employees for University of Idaho (UI) liability insurance renewal purposes. A charter aircraft is an aircraft that is specially leased or hired. The chartered aircraft survey is submitted annually to the State of Idaho Risk Management Program (State RMP) and includes the total number of hours flown by UI employees in chartered or privately-owned aircraft during the prior calendar year. The UI’s liability insurance carrier requests that certificates of liability coverage, with additional insured endorsement in favor of the state and UI, be provided by the owner of all aircraft chartered by or on behalf of the UI. State RMP handles all certificates and requests directly. A liability insurance surcharge is assessed on a per-hour basis for use of charter or privately-owned aircraft; this surcharge is greater if appropriate certificates are not filed in advance. Using charter services and privately-owned aircraft that are approved will result in a lower aircraft liability insurance premium for the UI. [rev. 5-09]

B. Process/Procedure.

B-1. Prior to Charter Aircraft Use. All units will contact Risk or consult the Risk website (see D below) to determine if the charter service or owner of the private aircraft has filed a certificate of liability insurance with State RMP. [rev. 5-09]

B-2. Addition of Approved Charter Service. If the charter service or owner of a private aircraft is not listed on the Risk website (see D below), a unit can submit contact information for the service or owner of a private aircraft to Risk. Risk will give the contact information to the State RMP, who is responsible for maintaining the list of companies with certificates on file. State RMP will work with the company directly. For specific instructions on procedures see Risk website (see D below). [add. 5-09]

B-3. Annual Reporting. A chartered aircraft usage survey form is distributed to units in the spring to gather information on use of charter and privately-owned aircraft for the previous year. Units are asked to report the name of each employee who traveled by charter or privately-owned aircraft (see Risk website listed in D below). [rev. 5-09]

C. Contact Information. Problems or questions concerning the annual reporting requirements for charter aircraft use or adding a vendor to approved list of companies, please contact Risk at (208) 885-7177, Risk Email, or by fax at (208) 885-9490. [rev. 5-09]

D. Forms and Examples. For instructions and examples of completed forms, visit Risk website at Risk Management: Chartered Aircraft. [add. 5-09]

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