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E-Waste Recycling

What is Evolve?

Evolve is a printer cartridge recycling program hosted by the Sustainability Center.

If a collection box needs to be emptied, please let us know by emailing or by calling 208-885-0125.


  • Administration Building (second floor, next to room 214, Janitor’s closet)
  • College of Natural Resources (first floor, in the motor pool loading bay near recycling)
  • Idaho Commons (second floor, near Information Technology Services (ITS) Help Desk)
  • Idaho Commons (second floor, near the Information Desk)
  • Living Learning Center (first floor, near the 24-Hour Help Desk)
  • College of Engineering – Janssen Engineering Building (first floor, by the vending machine)
  • Menard Law Building (first floor, near room 108)
  • Student Recreation Center (first floor, near the main entrance)
  • Student Union Building (first floor, near the Registrar’s Office)
  • Wallace Residence Center (basement, in the student computer room or mail room)
  • Morrill Hall (first floor, south entrance)
  • J.A. Albertson Building, School of Business (Third floor in the staff lounge, room 309)
  • Agricultural Sciences Building (First floor by vending machines, near room 65)
  • Janssen Engineering Building (Basement)

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UI Sustainability Center

Physical Address:
Student Office Shoup 105
Staff Office 328, 330
Moscow Campus

Phone: 208-885-0125


Web: Sustainability Center