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Meet Our People

Abby Myklebust

Abby Myklebust, Volunteer Coordinator

Abby Myklebust is a sophomore studying Environmental Science with a minor in geology. Having grown up in Lewiston, Idaho, she has always had a love for nature and being outdoors. Along with her love of nature, she also enjoys hiking, snowboarding, singing in the U of I Jazz Choir, theatre, and spending time with family.


Sacha Wells

Sacha Wells, Project Coordinator

Sacha Wells is a junior majoring in ecology and conservation biology, and minoring in environmental communication. Wells is passionate about environmental education and science communication. She hopes to use her degree to work for a non-profit organization, state park or national park, educating the public about the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Outside of her love for all things environmental, she also loves crafting; cosplaying; slice-of-life romances; her hubby and her cross-eyed, six-toed cat Bubby. She can also tell you nearly everything about sloth bears.


Zoe Harpole

Zoe Harpole, Event Coordinator

Zoe Harpole is a junior studying natural resource conservation, with minors in environmental communication and music. Raised in Boise, ID she loves photography, playing music, hiking and just generally adventuring throughout the PNW. Zoe hopes to bring both the campus and greater Moscow communities together at a variety of events and projects as a part of the team at the Sustainability Center this year.


Ruby Breitprecher

Ruby Breitprecher, Recycling Coordinator

Ruby Breitsprecher is a junior pursuing a degree in environmental science, and a certificate in climate change. She loves to be in the mountains, especially when backpacking or skiing. She also loves to serve her community, and she is looking forward to being of service this year in her work at the U of I Sustainability Center by helping the campus community become more sustainable.


Jeannie Matheison
Jeannie Matheison

Jeannie Matheison, Sustainability Center Director

A northwest native passionate about conservation for the common good, Jeannie Matheison enables student-staff-faculty visions in support of carbon neutrality. She has a dozen years of experience managing university, non-profit and rural county sustainability programs, including ten years growing the U of I Sustainability Center. Jeannie has a degree in environmental policy from WSU and she is pursuing a master's at U of I.

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