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The University of Idaho's General Education Curriculum is at the heart of a broad-based, multi-year liberal educational experience. This is a curriculum that began with the work of faculty and staff members of the General Education Steering Committee (summer 2010) and the ISEM 101 Committee (summer 2011).

These efforts included review of "best practices," peer institutions, the Idaho State Board of Education's general education guidelines as reflected in the General Education Matriculation "GEM" criteria, and the University of Idaho's unique role and mission. The general education recommendations of these committees have been reviewed and approved by the University Committee on General Education, University Curriculum Committee, Faculty Senate and full faculty, resulting in the new General Education requirements, beginning with the 2011-12 (for ISEM 101), and fully implemented with the 2012-13 catalog year and for each subsequent catalog year.

This section of the General Education website is meant as a resource for faculty and advisers. If you have suggestions about content or materials that would be helpful, please do not hesitate to contact me: Kenton Bird, Director of General Education, (208) 885-4947 or

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