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Research Highlights and Events

Slow but steady progress being made in PVY resistant potatoes

By Alex Karasev and Nora Olsen | Potato Grower

“In the long term, breeding and identifying cultivars with resistance genes that are broadly specific against all strains of PVY may be the best agronomic, environmental and economic strategy for combating PVY.”

A potential new source of extreme resistance to Potato Virus Y in the potato variety Bistra

By Gregory L. Elison, Jaebum Park, Richard G. Novy, Jonathan L. Whitworth | American Journal of Potato Research

“Sante and its progeny Bistra are examples of two varieties with extreme resistance to PVY and yet have no amplification of Ry associated molecular markers.”

Screening three potato cultivars for resistance to Potato virus Y strains: Broad and strain-specific sources of resistance

By Cassandra N. Funke, Lisa T. Tran, Alexander V. Karasev | American Journal of Potato Research

“None of the 18 isolates of the virus was found able to replicate in the inoculated or upper non-inoculated leaves of Payette Russet, confirming the broad specificity of the Rysto gene present in the Payette Russet genome.”

Improving our understanding of Potato Mop-Top Virus in the Northwest U.S.

By Kylie Swisher Grimm, Richard Quick, Launa Cimrhakl, Max Feldman, Mark Pavek | Potato Grower

“The impact of Potato mop-top virus seed-borne transmission was assessed in vector-free soil, and preliminary results indicate that higher levels of the virus, but not symptoms, are found in daughter tubers grown from infected seed.”

A Genome Wide Association Study (GWAS) identifies SNPs associated with resistance to Tobacco Rattle Virus (TRV) and Potato Mop-Top Virus (PMTV) in a tetraploid mapping population of potato

By Noelle Anglin, Shashi Yelarreddygari, Neil Gudmestad, Vidyasagar Sathuvalli, Charles Brown, Max Feldman, Walter De Jong, David Douches, Rich Novy, Joseph Coombs | American Journal of Potato Research

“This data can guide the development of molecular markers to select genotypes resistant to PMTV and TRV in potato breeding programs.”

Maine’s battle with PVY: Aroostook Farms Field Day highlights virus strains, control challenges

By Lukie Pieterse | Potato News Today

“The field day was an opportunity for agricultural professionals to observe firsthand the impact of PVY on potatoes.”

Brassica cover crops and natural Spongospora subterranea infestation of peat-based potting mix may increase powdery scab risk on potato

By Maryam Alaryan, Yuan Zeng, Ana Cristina Fulladolsa and Amy O. Charkowski | Plant Disease

“The results suggest that buckwheat, legumes, and barley pose the least risk as cover crops in S. subterranea infested fields and show that peat-based potting mix should not be used in seed potato production.”

Seed Potato Workshop Proves Highly Valuable: Attendees came from several potato-producing states, one province

By Nina Zidack | Potato Grower

“The postharvest test is the definitive measure by which seed potato quality is measured by certification agencies”

Battling Potato Viruses: Innovations for a healthier harvest

By Potatoes USA | The Potatoes USA Pulse Industry Updates

“The primary objectives of this project are to improve disease diagnosis, virus detection and strain typing.”

Potato Virus Initiative Developing Direct Tuber Testing Alternatives

By Alex Karasev and Nora Olsen | Potato Grower

“Waiting to know the level of potato virus Y (PVY) in a seed lot after harvest can be a game of patience.”

Smokin' Potatoes

By Lan Lindstrom | Potato Grower

“University of Idaho researchers look for novel ways to wake up potatoes."

Tuber Necrotic Research Podcast

Host Natalia Cervantes, Guest speaker Alex Karasev

In this episode, Potatoes USA Conversation Architect Natalia Cervantes interviews Alexander Karasev, professor of plant virology at the University of Idaho. Karasev joins Potato-Cast for a discussion on the latest Tuber Necrotic Viruses Research Project and the complex measures that can keep the infection level for potato viruses below the economically significant threshold. The hope is that eventually, growers can start adopting these measures as well.

Potatoes USA Podcast website