45.11 - Notices of Grant Awards Ending

Last updated August 19, 2005

A. General. Termination activities for grants and contracts is a vital element in the total administrative process. Every effort must be made to ensure all commitments are met and that the expenditures against grants and contracts do not exceed total authorizations. The Grants and Contracts Office will closely monitor the final months of grant activity and provide departments with final three-month notices of awards ending. These reminders are identified as grants and contracts terminating within the next 90 days. Each document provides requirements and reminders to the department and PIs for proper final grant and contract closeouts. It is imperative that these instructions be followed in a timely manner. Failure to comply could result in the final financial invoice or report being submitted based on incorrect Banner balances and/or any pending expenses disallowed.

B. Information. Any questions regarding termination procedures for grants and contracts should be addressed to the Grants and Contracts Office, (208) 885-6689.