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The pay grades for exempt and classified positions shown on this page are determined by the classification for each position.

Dollars Per Hour

Grade Minimum First
One Third Midpoint Maximum
2 12.02 12.02 12.02 12.35 15.20
3 12.02 12.19 12.72 13.78 16.96
4 12.02 13.81 14.49 15.87 19.98
5 13.50 15.87 16.65 18.23 22.96
6 15.55 18.28 19.18 21.00 26.44
7 18.01 21.61 22.81 25.21 32.41
8 21.61 25.93 27.37 30.25 38.89
9 25.91 31.09 32.82 36.27 46.63
10 31.26 38.29 40.64 45.33 59.39
11 39.11 47.91 50.84 56.71 74.31
12 49.11 61.39 65.49 73.67 98.23

Full Time Dollars Annually

Grade Minimum First
One Third Midpoint Maximum
2 25,002 25,002 25,002 25,688 31,616
3 25,002 25,355 26,458 28,662 35,277
4 25,002 28,725 30,139 33,010 41,558
5 28,080 33,010 34,632 37,918 47,757
6 32,344 38,022 39,894 43,680 54,995
7 37,461 44,949 47,445 52,437 67,413
8 44,949 53,934 56,930 62,920 80,891
9 53,893 64,667 68,266 75,442 96,990
10 65,021 79,643 84,531 94,286 123,531
11 81,349 99,653 105,747 117,957 154,565
12 102,149 127,691 136,219 153,234 204,318

Advertising Range for Grade 2 is a flat $12.02 per hour
Advertising Range for Grade 3 is $12.02 per hour to $12.72 per hour

In keeping with the staff classification system and good compensation principles, temporary pay increases for exempt or classified staff should be based on performing significantly additional tasks at a higher classification level. If the additional duties are temporary (six months or less) use this procedure. If the duties are long-term or permanent, consider a reclassification request for the position. If the duties do not warrant a temporary change in pay, you may consider this in the merit pay decision with the next salary cycle.

Temporary Work Performed at a Higher Classification

Supervisors of a classified or exempt staff employee who require that employee to temporarily perform work at a higher level must take into consideration all available and comparably skilled employees within the department for that opportunity. The Chief Diversity Officer should approve the request from this perspective. Once approved, and prior to assigning the work, Human Resources must confirm that the majority of the duties assigned to that employee are at a higher level and will be worked for a period of not less than four weeks. The employee should receive work-out-of-class pay, at a minimum, of not less than five percent of his or her current salary or not less than the minimum salary in the higher classification range, whichever is greater. The pay difference should be determined based on a salary compression analysis by Human Resources. Work performed at a higher classification may continue until the position is filled, eliminated or six months, whichever is shorter.

Prior to the work beginning, please complete the required form and send it to your HR Business Partner.

Approved by the Vice Presidents July 30, 2013

As outlined in the Faculty-Staff Handbook policy 1420.A-2, the Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President is responsible for the oversight of the faculty personnel system. Please refer questions related to faculty employment to that office.

The salary agreement defines the annual period of the appointment, change of agreement notice requirements, salary, pay periods, position title, employment status and such other information to define the contract of employment each year for faculty and exempt personnel.

FY 16 Salary Agreements and Related Information

For out of cycle pay increases and additional information, refer to the Budget Office Salary Model

Summer Salary Information

Additional Comp and Temp Salary Increase

Pay for student and temporary positions covers a range from the state minimum wage and up, depending upon the skills and experience required for the position. Pay ranges for temporary positions are decided upon and approved at the department level, depending upon departmental needs and budget. When determining pay or a pay increase for a temporary employee, please be sensitive to the pay rates of regular, ongoing staff performing similar work and/or working in similar proximity.

FSH 3480, Compensation for Service in Addition to Regular Duties, describes a fairly narrow means to secure additional compensation for faculty and exempt staff. The policy continues to apply to faculty.

FLSA exempt staff have been folded into an all-staff classification system and the university has established goals and procedures for compensation-related decisions that support these goals.

For FLSA exempt staff, we now follow the "Temporary Work Performed at a Higher Classification" process outlined in the Staff Work Performed Temporarily at a Higher Classification Procedure above.

It can be difficult to calculate what is travel time and what is compensable time when non-exempt employees travel for work-related purposes. See helpful info concerning how to decipher what is inside and outside the realm of regular work hours.     

UI Human Resources

Human Resources

Physical Address:
415 West 6th Street
Moscow, ID 83844

Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Drive MS 4332
Moscow, ID 83844-4332

Phone: (208) 885-3609

Fax: (208) 885-3602