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Summer Internships

Summer internships are integral to our student’s success and helps them fine tune their career goals! If you are interested in having some U-Idaho students’ work as a summer intern, please let us know.

Here’s what some of our students had to say about their recent internships.

Neelima DayakNeelima Dahal, Electrical Engineering, Senior

I had a summer internship with Micron Tech., Boise, Idaho. It was amazing to experience the engineer-real-life. I loved how there always was something new to learn and something more to explore. The internship gave me a better perspective on what I will be doing as an engineer. I now have a better understanding of what fields in electrical engineering I enjoy more than others.

Garrett StaufferGarrett Stauffer, Electrical Engineering, Sophomore

My internship was as Alta Devices in Santa Clara, CA. It was interesting to see how so many different people, with different backgrounds and expertise, all come together to work on the same problem. I have become interested in working more with renewable energy, and the unique complications that arise with solar cells. Also, I learned that no matter what field you end up in, a little knowledge of computer science can help a lot.

Jacob BowJacob Bow, Chemical Engineering and Mathematics, Senior.

My internship was at Boeing Research & Technology in Seattle, WA. The most interesting part was seeing similarities/differences between research in industry and research in academia. It has provided me ample opportunity for future employment within the Boeing corporation.

Rikki KeeganRikki (Keegan) Sonnen, Civil Engineering, Graduate Student

My summer internship was with J-U-B Engineers in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. The most interesting part about the internship was interacting with professionals and learning from them on a daily basis. Working with the professionals at J-U-B has been invaluable to me as a young woman in engineering and has helped me understand the challenges engineers face.

This internship has guided what direction I want to pursue as a civil engineer. Because civil engineering is such a broad field (traffic, water, structural, planning, airports, etc) in conjunction with the breadth of projects completed by J-U-B, I have been able to interact and be a part of a variety of projects and determine what it is I enjoy.

The NASA Idaho Space Grant Consortium (ISGC) typically funds around 10 students each summer to participate in NASA internships and other industry. The ISGC also helps with housing expenses and travel. ISGC is conveniently located in the Janssen Engineering Building on U-Idaho’s campus, but serves students at all our state institutions.

Kevin RamusKevin Ramus, Electrical Engineering, Graduate Student

My summer internship was with NASA Ames Research Center - Moffett Field, CA. I had the opportunity to help finalize a CubeSat (small satellite) that will eventually be ejected from the International Space Station. It was a great hands-on experience, and I had the chance to deal with hardware that is now in space. Having an internship at NASA is extremely valuable to have on your resume, and I hope that it will allow me to get a job at an aerospace firm someday. It was also beneficial to be able to see how NASA operates and the amount of projects they are doing.

Carlos Gonzalez, Electrical Engineering, Graduate Student

This summer I worked at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. The most interesting part of my internship was being able to be involved in NASA's Mars Rover Landing Event.

I was able to assist in backup communication operations with my group at JPL and was there to witness the rover landing on Mars. I was one of only six interns to be allowed in to the lab to witness the event (approximately 600 interns have summer internships during the summer at JPL). Due to this internship I am focusing my degree towards a career working with NASA.

Carlos Gonzalez during NASA Internship
From right to left: Kamal Oudrhiri (JPL mentor), Carlos Gonzalez, and Nicholas Rodriguez.

Ingrid KoodaIngrid Kooda, Mechanical Engineer, Junior

My summer internship was with the NASA Ames Research Center. The most interesting part was working with the physical flight hardware and helping to design parts for the satellite.

This experience has allowed me to see how aerospace engineers work in a real world setting. I had an exhilarating experience this summer and this internship has helped to direct me towards a career in the Aerospace industry.

Jennifer HasenoehrlJennifer Hasenoehrl, Mechanical Engineering, Graduate Student

My internship was at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA. The most interesting part was being here for the MSL landing and witnessing the excitement firsthand! This has proved I want to continue doing research in the future, and NASA is a great way to make a difference in the world (and outside of it!) while being very open to the public. it's the best of both worlds in working with science/technology and people!

Kevin Witkoe, Mechanical Engineering, Junior

My internship was at JPL The most interesting part of my internship was that I developed and tested new technology that has never been seen before. Oh, and I played with robots! This internship has convinced me to attend graduate school and pursue a career in robotics at JPL.

ISGC funded Summer Interns from the University of Idaho

  • Carlos Gonzalez - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Nicholas Rodriquez - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Jennifer Hasenoehrl - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Kevin Witkoe - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • George Korbel - NASA Ames Research Center
  • Sophie Milam - NASA Ames Research Center
  • Brandt Pedrow - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Kyson Palmer - Boeing

Funded by Researchers

  • Kevin Ramus - NASA Ames Research Center
  • Ingrid Kooda - NASA Ames Research Center

NASA Interns from other Idaho institutions

  • Seth Leija - Northwest Nazarene University - NASA Johnson Space Center
  • Phillip Burchfield - Boise State University - NASA Johnson Space Center
  • David Connolly - Boise State University - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Patricia Randazzo - College of Idaho - NASA Academy at Ames Research Center