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Student Project has Real-World Impact Beyond EXPO

Tuesday, November 1 2011

In case you didn't think that EXPO projects have real-world impact...

A team of chemical engineering and microbiology students were challenged to build and design a device that removes bacteria colonies from cantaloupe rinds, and their final product won the Judges' Award at the 2011 Waste management Education Research Consortium (WERC) Environmental Design contest.

With several recent outbreaks of listeria contamination on cantaloupes, the team and their prototype have been a point of pride for the College of Engineering, and an item of interest to several media outlets before and after the Engineering Design EXPO.

"Students invent process to shelve safe produce" - University of Idaho Argonaut, October 18, 2011

"Device Targets Melon Bacteria" - Albuquerque Journal, October 21, 2011

(You can also watch the team's EXPO interview on YouTube: http://bit.ly/tMa7Kz)