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Depth Courses

Depth courses are designed to provide detailed knowledge of bioinformatics and computational biology.

Certificate Students will complete one director-approved depth course (3 credits).

M.S. Students will complete 9 credits of depth courses, with at least 3 credits in each of the depth areas.

Ph.D. Students will complete 15 credits of depth courses, with at least 6 credits in each of the depth areas.

Suggested depth courses are listed below, but other courses may be used. Thus, these depth courses are flexible but must be approved by committee members and the BCB director.

Depth: Computer Science/Mathematical Sciences

Course ID Course Name Credits
Biol 526 Systems Biology 3 credits
CS 511 Parallel Programming 3 credits
CS 512 Parallel Algorithms 3 credits
CS 570 Artificial Intelligence 3 credits
CS 572 Evolutionary Computation 3 credits
CS 574 Deep Learning 3 credits
Math 428 Numerical Methods 3 credits
Math 437 Mathematical Biology 3 credits
Math 451 Probability Theory 3 credits
Math 452 Mathematical Statistics 3 credits
Math 538 Stochastic Models 3 credits
Phys 533 Statistical Mechanics 3 credits
Stat 517 Statistical Learning and Predictive Modeling 3 credits
Stat 519 Multivariate Analysis 3 credits
Stat 565 Computer Intensive Statistics 3 credits

Depth: Biological Sciences

Course ID Course Name Credits
Biol 421 Advanced Evolution/Population Dynamics 3 credits
Biol 444 Genomics 3 credits
Biol 526 Systems Biology 3 credits
Biol 545 Phylogenetics 3 credits
Biol 547 Virology 3 credits
Biol 553 Ethical Issues in Biological Research 1 credit
Biol 554 Biochemistry II 3 credits
Biol 585 Prokaryotic Molecular Biology 3 credits
Biol 587 Cellular and Molecular Basis of Disease 3 credits
PlSc 588 Genetic Engineering 3 credits
Soil 525 Microbial Ecology 3 credits
Stat/Wlf 555 Statistical Ecology 3 credits
Wlf 540 Conservation Genetics 1-3 credits
Wlf 552 Ecological Modeling 3 credits
WLF 561 Landscape Genetics 3 credits


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