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Intellectual Property (IP) Policy

In general, the University of Idaho Intellectual Property (IP) Policy, outlined in the Faculty Staff Handbook (FSH) 5300 allows faculty researchers to put their ideas to work in the real world by protecting ideas for future investment, a process that results in commercial availability of new or improved products and services. When faculty begin employment at the university, they are required to sign the Employment Agreement Concerning Intellectual Property form, as explained in FSH 5300.

The process of technology transfer at universities was established by the passage of the foundational Bayh-Dole Act of 1980 (PDF) by U.S. Congress. The Idaho State Board of Education provides the Institution Intellectual Property Guidelines for Idaho's public education institutions, including U of I.

The U of I IP Policy allows faculty researchers to generate more personal income by contributing valuable inventions, discoveries or copyright-eligible work;

  • FSH 5300 allows the contributors of useful creations to net additional income when the creation is commercialized (see FSH 5300 B-4-b “Royalties and Income”).

The U of I IP Policy allows third parties to access important new advancements made in university facilities and programs;

  • Through obtaining and maintaining IP, licensing IP and creating new businesses to bring the IP to market as a product. (See FSH 5300 B-3 “UI Administration of UI Sponsored Materials”)

The U of I IP Policy requires faculty, staff and students to disclose potentially protectable inventions, discoveries, plants, recipes, designs concepts and plans created through the use of university resources to the Office of Technology Transfer.

The U of I IP Policy provides a carve-out for certain faculty copyright-eligible works, such as course materials, or works produced by faculty on sabbatical leave.

  • FSH 5300 (see B-2 “Assignment of Ownership”)

Faculty may engage in certain consulting, and may start new businesses, however a conflict-of-interest management plan may be necessary.

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