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Science Technologies

Yeast Antifungal Proteins for Inhibiting Candida glabrata (OTT Case 19-010)
Status - Patent pending
» Learn more about yeast antifungal proteins for inhibiting candida glabrata 

Method and Apparatus for Analyzing Stalk Strength (OTT case 19-005)
Status - Patent pending
» Learn more about method and apparatus for analyzing stalk strength 

Electrochemical Devices Comprising Graphene (OTT case 12-028)
»Learn more about graphene electrochemical devices

Readily Accessible Mimics for DNA Targeting (OTT case 11-016)
» Learn more about readily accessible mimics for DNA targeting

New Compounds from African Plant as Anti-diarrheal Remedy (OTT case 11-010)
Status - Patent pending
» Learn more about the new compounds from African plants used as an anti-diarrheal remedy

Nanospring Coatings for Prosthesis Applications (OTT Case 10-018)
» Learn more about nanospring coatings for prosthesis applications

Method for Generating Potato-Based Resistant Starch (OTT case 09-028 & 10-004)
Status - Patent pending
» Learn more about generating potato-based resistant starch

C5-functionalized Pyrimide Nucleotides (OTT case 09-026)
» Learn more about C5-functionalized pyrimide nucleotides

Multilayer Graphene (OTT cases 09-020, 09-030 & 09-032)
» Learn more about multilayer graphene

Categorization of Microfloral Communities (OTT case 04-027)
» Learn more about the categorization of microfloral communities