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Durola (OTT case 12-020)

Summary – “Durola” (Brassica napus L.) is a near-homozygous winter rapeseed cultivar with industrial rapeseed seed oil and canola-quality (i.e., less than 30 μmol g-1 of total seed meal glucosinolates in defatted seed meal) seed meal, selected for high adaptability to the dryland and irrigated regions of the inland Pacific Northwest. After fall seeding, Durola seedlings emerged quickly and produce a good fall stand which was better than “Bridger” and “Dwarf Essex.” Durola showed significantly better winter-hardiness than Bridger, which tends to have poor winter hardiness. Flower bloom dates of Durola were 125 Julian days, which was significantly later than Bridger and earlier than Dwarf Essex.
Status - Available for nonexclusive licensing.
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