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Engineering Technologies

Integrated Quantitative Phase and Airy beam Light Sheet Imaging (OTT Case 19-020)
Status - Patent pending
» Learn more about integrated quantitative phase and airy beam light sheet imaging 

Stacked Printed Circuit Board Implementations of Three Dimensional Antennas (OTT case 16-015)
»Learn more about stacked printed three dimensional antennas

A New Method for Causality Enforcement of DRAM Package Models Using Discrete Hilbert Transforms (OTT case 13-008)
»Learn more about causality enforcement of DRAM package models

A Reactive Water Filtration Treatment Technology (OTT case 13-001)
Catalytic oxidation allows for destructive removal of most organic contaminants
» Learn more about this water treatment technology

Low-cost Real-time Scour-deposition Sensor (OTT case 12-009)
Low-cost, real-time sensor quantifies streambed sediment thermal properties and benthic thermal regime and monitors connectively between stream and aquifer
» Learn more about the scour-deposition sensor

Catalytic Thermochemical Conversion of Glycerol (OTT case 11-022)
A novel method to convert glycerol or acetol to alcohols without the addition of external hydrogen.
» Learn more about the Catalytic Thermochemical Conversion of Glycerol

Novel SCT System for Two-Stroke Engine (OTT case 11-003)
» Learn more about novel SCT system for two-stroke engine 

Programmable Ramp Generator for SSLAR-ADC (OTT case 09-016)
Programmable ramp generators attaining variable step sizes that can optimize the image process quality as well as conversion speed in a user specific manner
» Learn more about the programmable ramp generator

Single-Slope Look-Ahead Ramp ADC (OTT case 08-022)
» Learn more about single-slope look-ahead ramp ADC 

Advanced Pedestrian Control System (OTT case 08-007)
» Learn more about advanced pedestrian control system