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Science Technologies

Categorization of Microfloral Communities (OTT case 04-027)
Summary - The present disclosure provides methods for defining one or more microbial communities. In an example, the method can include providing a plurality of microbial profiles, wherein each microbial profile is established from a sample of microorganisms obtained from an individual subject. The method can also include identifying one or more consensus profiles from among the plurality of microbial profiles.
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C5-functionalized Pyrimide Nucleotides (OTT case 09-026)
Summary - C5-functionalized pyrimidine Locked Nucleic Acid (LNA) and alph-L-LNA building block for applications within nucleic acid based therapeutics, diagnostics and nanoscience.
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Multi Layer Graphene (OTT cases 09-020, 09-030 & 09-032)
Summary - Bulk synthesis of multilayered graphene from the pyrolysis of hydrocarbon precursors.
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Nanospring Coatings for Prosthesis Applications (OTT case 10-018)
Summary - The invention allows for the use of metal-functionalized silicon dioxide nanosprings to promote bone growth around and within orthopedic implants.
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Readily Accessible Mimics for DNA Targeting (OTT case 11-016)
Summary - N2'-Pyrene-functionalized 2'-amino-alpha-L-LNAs (Locked Nucleic Acids) display extraordinary affinity toward complementary DNA targets due to favorable preorganization of the pyrene moieties for hybridization-induced intercalation. Unfortunately, the synthesis is challenging (~20 steps, <3% yield). Readily available functionalized mimics have been developed.
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