Ericka (OTT case 97-003)

Ericka, PVP Certificate no. 9700371, is a high-yielding, short, early maturing winter Brassica napus canola variety selected for adaptability to the Pacific Northwest region of the US. Ericka is highly suited for planting into summer fallow, has good adaptability for late planting, and potential for re-cropping in some regions. Ericka is a near pure-line cultivar that was developed by the Canola, Rapeseed & Mustard Breeding Group at the University of Idaho. Over 22 site-years of testing in the Pacific Northwest between 1992 and 1996, Ericka showed, on average, 26% higher yield compared to a control group if six common commercially available winter canola varieties. Oil quality was good, with greater than 60% oleic acid, less than 10% linolenic acid and less than 1% erucic acid. Seed meal is canola quality; averaging less than 12 micromoles of glucosinolate per gram of defatted seed meal. Ericka quickly produces a fall stand, and is frost tolerant and winter hardy.