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4500 - Inquiries From Prospective Students


  • Position: Vice Provost for Strategic Enrollment Management
  • Name: Dean Kahler
  • Email:

Last updated: February 01, 2007

Members of the faculty and staff who receive inquiries from students interested in attending the University of Idaho as an undergraduate, graduate, or law student should forward them to the Campus Visits Office, the Graduate Admissions Office, or the Director of Admissions in the College of Law, respectively. They may, of course, acknowledge the inquiry and furnish specific program information requested. Specific questions or inquiries about undergraduate admissions policies and procedures can also be directed to the Admissions Office.

Upon receipt of a request, either directly from the student or from another office, Campus Visits Office will send the following materials: a view book, residence hall and Greek housing information, financial aid information, WUE information (if student is from a WUE participating state), a scholarship brochure, an application for admission, and any other materials specifically requested. Graduate Admissions and the Director of Law Admissions will respond to inquiries from prospective students with a letter addressing graduate/law information and procedures, and reference to websites providing additional information on graduate/law admissions and financial aid. If printed materials are specifically requested, Graduate Admissions will send students the Financial Aid Informer, an application for admission, information on application deadlines, and a list of degrees and programs. The College of Law will provide an application for admission, information on application deadlines, and other information as requested.

Version History

Amended February 2007. This section was completely revised to reflect current information.

Amended July 1996. Revised by the addition of appropriate references to the Graduate Admissions Office.

Adopted 1979.

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