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90.51 - ChemStore Services


  • Position: ChemStores Manager
  • Name: David Sargent
  • Email:

Last updated: July 21, 2009

A. General. ChemStores, a unit in the Department of Chemistry, sells laboratory supplies for instructional and research purposes to members of the University of Idaho community.

A-1. Location/Hours. ChemStores is located in Renfrew Hall, Room 23. Operating hours are 8:00am-11:30 noon and 1:00pm-5:00pm, M-F. For inquiries, please call (208) 885-7974. [rev. 7-09]

A-2. Inventory. ChemStores stocks a variety of items commonly used in scientific laboratories, such as organic solvents, liquid nitrogen, acids, ethanol, dry ice, scientific glassware, plastic ware, and laboratory hardware. Chemicals are sold in sealed containers, with the exception of ethanol and reagent-grade acetone, which are dispensed from 54-gallon drums. ChemStores purchases supplies from a major supplier on an annual contract and takes advantage of quantity discounts. If an item is not regularly stocked in ChemStores, the store-keeper can place a special order.

B. Purchasing Process. To purchase from ChemStores, customers must go to the sales window and provide a valid UI budget number. ChemStores does not make deliveries. Sales are entered onto the Banner Stores Module and are posted immediately. The default account code is E5741, Medical, Laboratory & Technical Supplies, but any code can be used per the customer’s request. Charges are not routed to Banner approval queues.

B-1. Cash Sales. Cash sales are permitted for all stock except chemicals.

B-2. Sales Receipts. At the time of the sale, the customer will sign a receipt and be given one copy. The original will be retained in ChemStores.

B-3. Returns. ChemStores accepts items for return if they have not been used or opened and if they are returned within a reasonable time period.

B-4. Viewing ChemStores Transactions on Banner. Banner Finance users may view ChemStores transaction in a variety of ways, including querying on the charge listed on the Daily Transaction Activity form (FGITRND, accessed from the Organization Budget Status form, FGIBDST) or by querying directly via the Banner Stores Issue/Return Query form FSIISSQ.

C. Information. Any questions regarding ChemStores should be addressed to the ChemStores Storekeeper at (208) 885-7974.

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