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90.23 - Campus Recreation


  • Position: Dean of Students
  • Name: Blaine Eckles
  • Email:

Last updated: January 01, 2018

PREAMBLE: This section outlines recreational opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and the general public offered by Campus Recreation. In January 2017 an outdated section on Swim Center use was removed and January 2018 it was determined to move this from FSH 6880 into Chapter 90 of the APM number 23. For further information, call 208-885-6381 [ed. 7-00, rev. 1-17, 1-18]

A. General. Campus Recreation, within the division of Student Affairs, provides the University of Idaho (UI) community, and to a limited extent, the general public, with a multitude of recreational opportunities. Activities provide opportunities for:

A-1. Spending leisure time in structured and unstructured sport, wellness and recreational activities.

A-2. Increasing the quality of campus life through increased knowledge, opportunities, interests and behaviors that promote healthy lifestyles.

A-3. Delivering a student driven philosophy which offers experiential leadership opportunities integrated with professional training and mentoring.

A-4. Supporting the University’s mission with experiences which encourage social interactions with diverse populations and promote personal reflection and learning opportunities.

A-5. Increasing interest in sport and recreational activities which can continue throughout the participant’s lifetime.

B. Campus Recreation manages the following programmatic areas:

B-1. Intramural Sports. The Intramural Sports Program provides organized recreational and competitive activities consisting of men’s, women’s, and co-rec in individual, dual, and team sports for the UI community.

B-2. Wellness Program. The Wellness Program provides a variety of opportunities including: group fitness classes, personal training sessions and fitness assessments by certified personal trainers and fitness instructors.

B-3. Outdoor Program. The Outdoor Program is dedicated to provide education and resources for wilderness based, human powered, and environmentally sound activities. It promotes teamwork, leadership and growth through outdoor adventure experiences.

B-4. Sport Clubs. The Sport Club program gives UI students the opportunity to engage in an in-depth sports experience. Clubs participate in intercollegiate competitions and conduct club activities including: practice, instruction, organization, social events and tournament play.

B-5. Student Recreation Center (SRC). Located on the north side of campus, the SRC houses all programs within the department of Campus Recreation. With over 80,000 square feet, it provides opportunities to workout, play, relax and spaces for special events, programs and activities.

B-6. Special Events. Special events provide opportunities to participate in organized activities not met through other recreation programs.

B-7. Facility and Space Reservations. Campus Recreation schedules a variety of UI fields, courts, spaces and facilities. Please contact the Campus Recreation main office for more details.

C. Use of the Student Recreation Center.

C-1. UI Students. Full time students have full access to the SRC as part of their tuition and fees. Part time students must purchase a pass for access. A gap fee pass is available for part time students with the cost determined by the difference in the number of credits being taken and what a full-time student pays into Campus Recreation’s student fees. Access to the SRC excludes Wellness Program classes, and Climbing Center clinics and equipment. A valid VandalCard is required to purchase a pass and for accessing the SRC.

C-2. UI Faculty and Staff. Faculty and staff must purchase a pass for SRC access. A valid VandalCard is required to purchase a pass and for accessing the SRC.

C-3. UI Affiliates. UI affiliates (retirees, alumni, IH employees and affiliate employees) must purchase a pass for SRC access. A valid VandalCard is required to purchase a pass and for accessing the SRC.

C-4. Miscellaneous Programs. Special Programs and other students who do not pay student fees towards Campus Recreation must purchase a pass for SRC access. A valid VandalCard is required to purchase a pass and for accessing the SRC.

C-5. University Departmental Guests. UI departments may purchase departmental single visit passes that can be used by their guests for access to the SRC. The departmental single pass must be given to SRC personnel and a waiver of liability form signed for SRC access. Passes must be purchased in the Campus Recreation main office.

C-6 Spouses. The spouse of a UI student, faculty, staff or affiliate must purchase a pass for SRC access. A valid VandalCard is required to purchase a pass and for accessing the SRC.

C-7. General Public. Persons not affiliated with the UI must purchase a non-UI specific pass for SRC access. A valid photo identification is required to purchase a pass.

C-8. Children. Policies regarding children include the following:

a. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied and supervised by their parent/s or guardian/s who are participating in the same activity.

b. Access to the SRC for children is limited to special youth programs and will be defined by specific event.

c. Unattended children (under the age of 18) are not allowed in the SRC Atrium.

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