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65.05 - Transferring Records to the Records Center


  • Position: Information Technology VP and Chief Information Officer
  • Name: Dan Ewart
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Last updated: June 22, 2011

A. General. The Records Center serves the campus by providing low-cost, secure, centralized records storage services by employing modern and scientific records management practices. The Records Center is available to store inactive, semi-active and permanent records from all administrative and academic units (“Units”) of the University of Idaho (“University”). Records which are retrieved frequently, records of the current fiscal year or calendar year, and non-record materials (e.g., external publications, junk mail, etc.) should not be transferred to the Records Center. Refer to FSH 1470 for documents with potential historic interest. [rev. 6-11]

A-1. Ownership. No change of ownership is implied by transferring records to the Records Center. Records are and remain the responsibility of the originating Unit for the life of the record (see APM 65.02 A-3 and FSH 1470). A transfer of ownership may be indicated as part of the record disposal process (see APM 65.05 C-5-1 and 65.02 C-6 a.3). Records of historic value should be transferred to the University archivist after their value as records is past (see APM 65.05 C-5-1 and FSH 1470). [add. 6-11]

B. Process. Before sending any records to the Records Center, Units must provide the records Center with a completed Access Authorization Form. Units should ensure that this Access Authorization Form is current and should update it as needed. Units should identify records series and appropriate retention periods prior to sending records to the Records Center. Records Center staff will help with this task. See APM 65.02 C-2 for guidance in this regard, or contact Records Management at, or (208) 885-2580, for more information. Units should box records by record series or retention period prior to bringing them to the Records Center for storage. When records are transferred to the Records Center, the Unit should contact Records Center staff, in advance, to arrange storage. All records transfers must have a completed Records Transfer Form with each box. Records must be inventoried by the Unit for the Unit’s future reference. An electronic version of the inventory of the contents of each box should be sent to The Records Center accepts records without regard to physical format (e.g., paper, microforms, magnetic tape, CD, audio tapes, or video tapes). [rev. 6-11]

C. Procedure.

C-1. Records Containers. All records transferred to the Records Center will be contained in a standard banker box supplied by the Records Center at no charge. [ed. 6-11]

C-2. Box Contents. The Unit should inventory the contents of each box to facilitate finding their information for legal searches and Unit business. [rev. 6-11]

C-3. Records Center Processing. Boxes will be processed into the Records Center and assigned an accession number for tracking each box. A copy of the transfer form will be returned to the Unit upon request. [ed. 6-11]

C-4. References and Withdrawals. Refer to APM 65.04 for information regarding referencing or withdrawing records stored in the Records Center. [rev. 6-11]

C-5. Final Disposition. The Records Center staff will notify Units when records stored in the Records Center have exceeded their retention period, and request permission to dispose of the records in the manner appropriate for the record series (See APM 65.02 C-6). The Unit records coordinator or the Unit administrator must sign the Disposition Authorization Form before the Records Center disposes of records on behalf of the Unit that owns them. [add. 6-11]

C-5-1. Transfer of ownership to dispose of records after retention period is exceeded. In the case of records series with historic value, a transfer of ownership to the University Archives is called for as part of the disposal process (see APM 65.02 C-6 a.3). The Records Center will prepare the paperwork for such a transfer for the Unit’s signature. [add. 6-11]

C-5-2. No Unauthorized Disposal. The Records Center does not dispose of records without the permission of the Unit that owns them. If such permission cannot be obtained after one (1) year, the Records Center may return records to the Unit that owns them. [add. 6-11]

D. Information. Additional information may be obtained from the Records Center at (208) 885-2580,, or [ed. 6-11]

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