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50.03 - How to Prepare Electronic Personnel Action Forms (EPAFs)

Last updated: November 07, 2006

A. General. All personnel actions such as appointments, terminations or other changes in employment status, including labor distribution, are processed by means of the Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF). Departments should appoint employees by creating EPAFs as soon as employment is accepted or status change is approved. If this is not done a full three weeks before the first pay date following an appointment or change in status, the employee's initial direct deposit will not be received until the second pay date.

B. Process. EPAFs are electronic documents which travel through approval queues and are applied directly to the Banner database.

B-1. Deadlines. The deadline for EPAFs is Tuesdays at 5:00 p.m., three weeks prior to the payday. For example, the deadline is 5:00 p.m., 7/1/03 for pay received on 7/18/03. Please refer to the payroll deadline calendar on the Human Resource website at HR Website.

B-2. Academic Year Appointment Pay Periods. Faculty on a fifty-percent or more regular academic year appointment shall have their salary paid over twelve months (26 pay periods) as long as there is an expectation for reappointment in the subsequent year. All academic year faculty will have their pay deferred.

i) Exception. Faculty and staff on less than fifty-percent or on temporary nine-month or mid-year appointments for only one or two semesters shall be paid only over the length of their appointments when there is no expectation of reappointment.

B-3. Appointment on Holidays. Unless actual work is performed, appointments shall not commence on a holiday. To receive holiday pay without a work requirement, the individual must be appointed and work the work day prior to the holiday or work the day subsequent to the holiday, if terminating. Whenever, possible, new employees should begin their employment on the first Monday of a pay period.

B-4. Retroactive EPAFs. For EPAFs that affect previous pay periods, a $50 special check fee may apply. If you are trying to retroactively pay a board appointed benefits eligible position, you will need to request a special check from the Payroll Office which will cost $50. If the position is not benefits eligible, you can make the adjustment in the employee’s next paycheck, costing the department nothing. If the employee cannot wait an additional pay period, departments can request a special check from the Payroll Office for a $50 fee. Special checks are processed the Tuesday following payday Friday.

B-5. Process for Retroactive EPAFs. For payroll cost transfers affecting past payrolls, complete a Payroll Cost Transfer Form [See APM 55.03], include documentation, and send to the Payroll Office, Campus Mail Stop 4345. [Note: If the position is paid on a grant or contract, send it to the Grants and Contracts Office, Campus Mail Stop 3020.]

C. Procedure. For instructions on entering an Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF), please refer to the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) Module Manual, distributed during the HRIS module training, or at:

EPAF Website

D. Information. For further information or questions regarding EPAFs, call Employment Services (208) 885-3728.

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