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50.51 - Requests for Job Reclassification


  • Position: Director of Human Resources
  • Name: Brandi Terwilliger
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Last updated: November 07, 2006

A. General. The classification of a position determines the pay grade to which it is assigned. UI, and other state agencies, follow the Hay System when analyzing the duties of non-faculty positions to determine the classification. Classification decisions are not based on an employee's job performance or on a comparison to the work that other employees perform. At UI, classification reviews are performed in Employment Services in Human Resources (HR). Reclassification decisions may be appealed. Procedures for requesting a reclassification appear in section C-1, procedures for appealing reclassifications appear in C-2.

The reclassification process is for classified (CL) employees only. For exempt (EX) employees, the promotion process found in the Faculty Staff Handbook 3370 should be followed. [ed. 11-06]

B. Process. The classification analyst will perform a job analysis to determine the appropriate classification at the time the position is established, or subsequently when an approved request is received in HR. Reasons for reclassification may include: a significant change in job responsibilities and tasks either requiring higher level knowledge, skills and abilities (upward reclassification), a significant change in job responsibilities and tasks requiring the same level of knowledge , skills and abilities but a change in title (lateral reclassification), or a significant change in job responsibilities and tasks requiring a lower level knowledge, skills and abilities (downward reclassification. Note: The downward reclassification is not tied to job performance. See APM 50.21 for information regarding demotion of Classified employees.) The employee must be performing the new duties for six months or more prior to the submission of the reclassification paperwork. The division or unit submitting a request for reclassification provides the funds for any necessary salary increase that results from the review. Implementation of reclassifications is normally effective at the beginning of the fiscal year. Departments may implement changes retroactively to the date following the six-month period the incumbent has been performing within the new classification. Classification decisions may be appealed. [rev. 11-06]

C. Procedure.

C-1. Procedure for requesting job reclassification. The following procedures should be followed in requesting a job reclassification for university employees.

i) Obtain Reclassification Packet. After the employee has been performing the new duties for at least six months, obtain the reclassification packet from the HR website: HR Reclassification or call HR at (208) 885-3611 for directions.

ii) Complete Job Description. Complete a results-oriented job description on the form provided and attach a copy of the previous job description on file, together with an organization chart showing where the position fits in the department or administrative unit. The job description may be sent for review prior to submission of the reclassification, however, additional changes may be requested upon review of the reclassification questionnaire. [rev. 11-06]

iii) Complete Questionnaire. Complete the Position Review Reclassification Questionnaire.

iv) Obtain Authorizing Signatures and Submit Completed Packet. Obtain the required signatures of the supervisor, dean or director, and appropriate provost or vice president. Submit to Employment Services the entire packet of material for reclassification evaluation. Materials in this packet should include:

a) Proposed new results-oriented job description.

b) Copy of the previous job description.

c) Organization chart.

d) Position Review Reclassification Questionnaire.

e) Completed signature sheet with appropriate sign-offs indicating the source of funds (budget number) from which the upgrade would be funded.

v) Email Revised Job Description. Email an electronic copy of the new results-oriented job description (see iv. a) to Employment Services email. [ed. 11-06]

vi) Desk Audit. A classification analyst from Employment Services may conduct a desk audit of the position by meeting in person or over the telephone with the incumbent to review the reclassification questionnaire and job description. The analyst may also meet in person or over the telephone with the supervisor to obtain additional information and confirm concurrence with responses provided by the incumbent.

vii) Calculation of Hay Points. A comprehensive analysis of the position is completed and the position is Hay point factored by the analyst to determine job value based on the knowledge, problem solving, accountability and working conditions of the position.

viii) Written Recommendation. A written recommendation is sent to the dean or director of the unit with copies to the supervisor, Affirmative Action Coordinator, and incumbent attached for appropriate distribution. [ed. 11-06]

ix) Action by Department. Within 30 days of receiving the reclassification recommendations from Employment Services, the dean or director has the responsibility to take one of the following courses of action. Allowing the employee to continue working out of classification is not an acceptable option.

a) Make the decision to implement the recommendation; or

b) Return the recommendation to the analyst in Employment Services asking which duties should be pulled in order to sustain the current title and pay grade; or

c) Determine which duties should be added to be able to upgrade the position; or

d) Return the recommendations to the analyst in Employment Services to consider a different classification.

Once approval of funds to support the position reclassification is received from the appropriate provost/vice president, the department will need to initiate a Personnel Action Form (EPAF) on the University Banner HR system to start the new rate on the Sunday of a new pay period, and forward the new signed job description to HR for the incumbent’s personnel file.

C-2. Procedure for appealing a reclassification.

i) Notice of Appeal. If after having a follow up meeting with the classification analyst, the supervisor and the employee do not agree with the final classification decision made by HR, then the classification appeal process can be initiated. Appeals of Employment Services classification decisions are submitted directly to the vice president of finance and administration. A Notice of Appeal form must be filed with the vice president for finance and administration, with a copy to the Classified Position Appeals Board (CPAB) chair, within thirty calendar days of the date the notice of the Employment Services decision was received by the supervisor and by the affected employee.

ii) Hearing Schedule. The vice president for finance and administration will notify the director of Employment Services that a Notice of Appeal form has been received and that an advisory opinion is being requested from the CPAB. The vice president will request that Employment Services supply seven copies of available documentation to the CPAB chair within 10 working days. CPAB will schedule a hearing at the earliest time convenient for all parties.

iii) Hearing. The director of Employment Services, the classification analyst, the employee, and his or her supervisor will be notified of the date, time, and place of the hearing by the CPAB chair. The hearing will proceed as follows: the analyst from Employment Services will present the basis for the recommendation that was made; the employee or supervisor, or both, will present reasons for disagreement; the classification analyst will be given time for closing comments as will the employee and the supervisor. The board may ask questions for further clarification after the presentations. The board will then meet in closed session for deliberation and to develop a recommendation to be submitted to the vice president.

iv) Decision. The CPAB will forward its recommendation to the vice president for finance and administration. The vice president will review the recommendation, make a decision, and notify the employee, the employee's supervisor, the director of employment services, the classification analyst and the CPAB chair of the final decision.

E. Information. Information regarding position classification procedures, requests for reclassification, and appeals of classifications may be obtained from Human Resources, (208) 885-3611 or employment email.

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