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BCB Program
Life Sciences South 441D
PO Box 443051
Moscow, ID 83844-3051
(208) 885-6010

M.S. Program Curriculum

Students will complete a minimum of 32 credits composed of the following and should complete a study plan by the end of the first year in the BCB Program:
  • 9 credits in core courses
  • 9 credits of depth courses
  • 9 credits of research & thesis work
  • 2 credits of graduate seminar
  • 3 credits additional to meet the minimum requirements (may include research credits).
Curriculum Summary

Foundation courses: These courses, or equivalent knowledge, are necessary foundation for core courses. Your committee will help you determine whether you should take background courses.
BCB 509
Evolutionary Biology for non-Life Scientists
3 credits (F)
BCB 510
Computational Science for Biologists
3 credits (F)
BCB 512
Multidisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Evolution
3 credits (S)
BIOL 456
Computer Skills for Biologists
3 credits (Alt.F)

Core courses: The three required core courses (below) provide a shared educational foundation and a common language for interdisciplinary research.
CS 515 Computational Biology - Course Expectations 3 credits (Alt.S)
Biol 522 Molecular Evolution - Course Expectations 3 credits (Alt.F)
Math 563 Mathematical Genetics - Course Expectations 3 credits (Alt.F)

Depth courses: Depth courses are designed to provide detailed knowledge of bioinformatics and computational biology. Students will complete 6 credits of depth courses in the chosen focus area and 3 credits in the other area (9 credits).
Focus Area: Computer Science/Mathematical Sciences

Focus Area: Biological Sciences

Research & thesis: Students will conduct research and thesis work that leads to significant and original contributions to science.
BCB 500 Master's Research and Thesis 9 credits

Graduate Seminar
BCB 501 Seminar 2 credits