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Research Scholars

DeVlieg Taylor Undergraduate Research Scholars

The past DeVlieg Undergraduate Research Scholars program gave participants the opportunity to conduct undergraduate research at the Taylor Wilderness Research Station. while providing an "inquiry based" learning opportunity for students in natural resources fields. The program’s goals were to encourage and recognize undergraduate research in natural resources fields while providing an "inquiry based" learning opportunity for students.

Student researchers developed their own proposals, conducted research in the wilderness, and wrote a research report documenting their results.

Project topics since 2001:

  • Stream vegetation and riparian food webs
  • Salmon habitat
  • Elk survival
  • Amphibians of Big Creek
  • Bighorn sheep lamb survival
  • Bat survey
  • Marmot distribution
  • Fisherman survey along Big Creek
  • Lewis' woodpecker nesting
  • American marten and fisher
  • Mountain whitefish
  • Blue Grouse