Wilderness Internship Application

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 5:00 p.m. Monday, March 2, 2015

The Bleak & DeVlieg Internship at the Taylor Wilderness Research Station offers a variety of educational opportunities that provide a transformative wilderness experience. The Internship is designed to give students hands-on experience in a wide breadth of natural resources research and management field techniques. The program allows the undergraduate student to work with selected faculty mentors, develop individual research efforts which will contribute to their knowledge base of wilderness areas, and have extensive field experience that will generate wilderness skills and ethics. Additional faculty-led short courses are provided relating to the wilderness area, including topics such as Wilderness Ethics and Management, Vegetation and Restoration Ecology, Aquatic Ecology and Historical Interpretation.

Components of the Internship include: The interns perform an individual field research project while learning monitoring techniques and developing knowledge appropriate to the management of remote field stations. The Internship will also include participation in visiting-faculty workshops and with ongoing research being conducted at TWRS; assisting other interns with their research projects; learning backcountry camping and horse packing skills; performing repairs and facility maintenance; and presenting a research paper upon completion of the internship.

Research at TWRS: Scientific opportunities are TWRS are outstanding. Faculty and scientists from several universities and across many agencies conduct research at TWRS across a variety of disciplines. As part of their internship experience, student interns are encouraged to develop a scientific study in partnership with faculty mentors. Ideas for project areas as well as potential faculty mentors are listed below. Studies can be performed across a broad array of aquatic and terrestrial habitats. Explore research theme opportunities.

Qualifications: Wilderness internships are open to all upcoming juniors, seniors, and returning senior-level University of Idaho students. Interns must be resourceful and self-motivated, enjoy physical work associated with field research in a remote setting, and have enthusiasm for a variety of tasks associated with field station residence and facility maintenance. Interns must be able to work both independently and with others following directions from faculty mentors and station managers. They must be capable of back country trail exploration.

Appointment: Intern appointment to field station is 10 weeks (May 25 – August 3).  Appointment is supervised by a faculty mentor and field station managers.

Salary & Compensation:

  • $3,000 salary (paid to student)
  • $360 fringe payment (paid by institution)
  • Summer internship credit (paid by institution)
  • Round-trip ticket from Cascade, ID to TWRS (paid by institution)
  • 10 week lodging at TWRS (paid by institution)

Intern will be responsible for food, supplies, and personal items (details for provisions and re-supply provided upon admittance to internship program).

Application Process: Submit a Letter of Application/Resume describing your interest in the internship, as well as skills and experience in outdoor settings, include your definition of skills and projects for each work experience. Select and submit a Research Proposal including faculty mentor, a list of three references, and the name of a faculty member that has agreed to mentor your experience.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 5:00 p.m. Monday, March 2, 2015

If you prefer to mail your application materials, please send your packet to: Taylor Wilderness Internships Selection Committee, College of Natural Resources, University of Idaho, Moscow ID 83844-1142. (Room 202a, Associate Dean's Office, Phone 208-885-7402, Fax: 208-885-5534). Contact Meg or Pete Gag by email if you have questions.