Current Students

Featured Student Researchers

Alyssa Winkler
2012 DeVlieg Undergraduate Research Scholar
University of Idaho
Junior, Wildlife Resources
Advisor: Dr. Kerry Reese
“Habitat use by different species during various weather conditions in the
Frank Church River Wilderness 2012”
Eliza Campbell
2012 Bleak Wilderness Research Intern
University of Idaho
Advisor: Dr. Jim Kingery
“A Study of the Range and Density of Spotted Knapweed and Rush Skeletonweed along Lower Big Creek”
Jenna McCullough
2012 Bleak Wilderness Research Intern
University of Idaho
Junior, Biology/Wildlife Resources
Advisor: Dr. Courtney Conway
“Vocal Behavior of Forest Owls in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness”
Larry Hendren
2012 Friends of Taylor Wilderness Research Intern
University of Idaho
Senior, Rangeland Ecology and Management, Fisheries minor
Advisor: Dr. Brian Kennedy
“Installation of the RiverNet Stream Sensor system"
Liza Mitchell
2011-2013 DeVlieg Taylor Graduate Research AssistantshipUniversity of Idaho
Pursuing M.S. Water Resources, Waters of the West
Advisor: Dr. Brian Kennedy, Dr. Alex Fremier
“The isoscape of a wilderness watershed: How spawning salmon influence the isotopic composition of aquatic biota across space, time, trophic levels, and a mosaic of landscape characteristics”
Tyler Jack
2012 Bleak Wilderness Research Intern
University of Idaho
Senior, Ecology Conservation Biology
Advisor: Dr. Katy Kavanagh
“Exploring regeneration of coniferous seedlings around non-living trees”

Student Research Partners

Matt Lyon
2012 DeVlieg Undergraduate Research ScholarIdaho State University
Junior, Biology Conservation Ecology
Advisor: Dr. Colden Baxter
“Lotic Variations in Wildfire Recovery: An Assessment of fish Productivity, Species Interaction Strengths, and Biodiversitiy in Streams of the Central Idaho Wilderness”
Emily Davis
2012 Graduate Student Researcher
University of Washington, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences
Advisor: Daniel Schindler, University of Washington, Colden Baxter, Idaho State University
“Wildfire impacts on stream food webs: Disturbance, stream metabolism and trophic dynamics across the riverscape”"