Hagerman Fish Culture Experiment Station
3059 Natl Fish Hatchery Rd # F Hagerman, ID 83332
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ARI - Moscow, ID

Aquaculture Research Institute
799 Poultry Hill Way
Moscow, Idaho

Mailing Address
875 Perimeter Drive MS 2260
Moscow, Idaho 83844-2260
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Cold Water Research Laboratory

The Cold Water Wet Laboratory operates as a water-limited recirculating facility. Water comes from three wells located near the facility support the lab’s activities.  A backup diesel generator insures the lab’s life-support systems operate in the event of a power outage.  There are nine independent recirculating systems that can accommodate a variety of cold water species.  In trials conducted at the lab, we have reared multiple salmonid species, sturgeon, and burbot.  Each system has independent chilling, biofiltration, and UV treatment.  The largest system has four four-meter diameter tanks for rearing of large populations or broodstock.  The other systems are comprised of groups of six 680-liter or 1100-liter tanks. Juvenile fish can be housed in either of the recirculating systems use pairs of 350-liter troughs or a system of 48 60-liter tanks.  The Cold Water Lab has capabilities to incubate eggs in Heath tray incubators and McDonald jars.  Fry can also be held in fiberglass troughs and fed with either single pass or recirculating water.  Temperatures in the systems can be maintained between 4 °C and 20 °C.

The Moscow campus wet lab facilities are available to researchers across UI and WSU campuses for a nominal fee.