70.03 - American Express Corporate Card Program

Last updated October 25, 2005

A. General. The American Express Corporate Card program is an individual liability program, which requires each cardholder to pay his/her statement in full every month directly to American Express. The University of Idaho will reimburse the employee for all allowable travel expenses in accordance with university's travel policy.

A-1. Ordering a Card. There are two application forms to complete; all forms are available through Travel Services website. Completed applications must be forwarded to Travel Services (4244) for approval and processing:

a) Application for American Express. All employees must complete an Application for the American Express Corporate Card. Return the application to Travel Services for an authorizing signature and submission to American Express. Your card should be available upon approval within three weeks. Each employee must also initial and sign the Memorandum of Understanding.

b) Memorandum of Understanding. All employees must initial and sign the Memorandum of Understanding agreeing to the conditions set forth within the memorandum. Your card should be available upon approval within three weeks.

c) Please be aware that a minimum of $55.00 per year annual fee will be assessed by American Express.

A-2. Lost/Stolen Cards. Travelers should report to American Express directly if a card is lost or stolen or if you suspect a card has been used without your authorization. Please call the customer service toll free number (800) 528-2122.

A-3. Name/Address Change. Any name or address change should be reported directly to American Express by calling the customer service toll free number (800) 528-2122.

A-4. Employment Termination. Notify Travel Services upon termination of employment with the University of Idaho. The University of Idaho American Express card will be cancelled.

A-5. Personal Obligation. All charges made against an American Express Corporate Card are personal obligations, including any costs assessed for late payment. It is important to submit a Travel Expense Claim [See Travel Services, http://www.baas.uidaho.edu], immediately upon returning from a trip, so that the reimbursement can be made promptly.