55.07 - Shared Leave Application/Donation Procedures

July 21, 2009 (formerly 50.07)

A. General. The UI Shared Leave Program allows employees to donate annual leave hours into a general shared leave pool or directly to fellow employees suffering their own, a relative's or a household member's extraordinary or severe illness, injury, impairment, or physical or mental condition which has caused or is likely to cause the employee to take Leave Without Pay or to terminate employment. Employee donations fund the program so that income may continue for other employees who are experiencing a difficult period in their lives. Employees have the opportunity to target their donations to a specific co-worker or they may make their donations to the general pool.

B. Process. Shared Leave is an employee-administered program. Employees who wish to donate annual leave and employees who wish to apply to receive shared leave submit requests on the appropriate forms to Human Resources (HR). Applications are reviewed by HR for completeness, then forwarded to the Shared Leave Committee where they are reviewed and acted upon pursuant to the Shared Leave Policy [See FSH 3710]. The Shared Leave Committee includes two faculty members appointed by the Faculty Affairs Committee and two staff members appointed by the Staff Affairs Committee. The Director of Human Resources (or designee from HR) serves as chair, without vote. Academic year faculty, who do not accrue annual leave, are eligible to receive Shared Leave the same as other board-appointed employees.

C. Procedure. A board appointed employee must have used all other leave balances such as sick leave, annual leave and compensatory time to qualify as a recipient of Shared Leave. The employee may not be receiving other employer provided benefits that supply income such as disability or worker's compensation.

C-1. Application to Receive Shared Leave. To be eligible to receive Shared Leave hours, an employee (or his or her designated representative) must submit an Application to Receive Shared Leave form [See Sample Form] and certification from a licensed health care provider that describes the illness, injury, impairment or physical or mental condition. Forms need to be returned to Human Resources no later than the first Monday of a pay period to be considered for Shared Leave during that pay period. Forms are available from Human Resources. Exceptions to the deadline will be considered by the committee in very extenuating circumstances.

C-2. Donating Annual Leave. UI board appointed employees who accrue leave may donate a minimum of eight hours of annual leave to another UI employee who is eligible to receive Shared Leave, or they may donate leave to the Shared Leave Pool. Shared Leave donors must complete a Donation of Annual Leave Hours form [See Sample Form].

i) A Shared Leave donation may not cause the donor's annual leave balance to fall below 40 hours at the time the donation is processed. If a donor is within 8 hours of reaching his or her maximum annual leave accrual, the minimum donation is 16 hours. Annual leave donations and uses may not exceed 80 hours per pay period.

C-3. Shared Leave Conversion Rate. Hours of contributed shared leave are multiplied by the donor's hourly rate and placed in the Shared Leave pool. Shared Leave is awarded in hours. Leave is withdrawn from the pool as hours, reconverted by multiplying the hours awarded times the recipient’s hourly rate and subtracted from the pool.

i) Shared leave that is awarded but not used by the intended recipient will be returned to the Shared Leave Pool. It is not returned to the donor(s).

C-4. Recording Shared Leave Donations and Uses. Human Resources adjusts leave balances in the Banner HRIS to reflect Shared Leave donations and enters Electronic Personnel Action Forms (EPAF) for Shared Leave uses. No departmental action is needed to reduce annual leave or to transfer an employee to Shared Leave. [ed. 7-10]

D. Information. Application to donate and receive Shared Leave are available from Human Resources. For further information or questions on the Shared Leave Program, call HR (208) 885-3609 or [See FSH 3710-K].