40.27 - Campus Mail & Receiving (CMR)

Last updated October 27, 2008

A. General. UI CMR personnel pick-up and deliver interoffice, Fed Ex Ground, UPS Ground, and U.S. Mail on a regular scheduled route system at specified campus locations. Campus locations are identified by unique nine-digit campus ZIP codes, see the Campus Addressing Web Page.

The university has been assigned a unique ZIP code, 83844, separate from the city of Moscow, ID zip code. Please use this zip code for all official university correspondence.

B. Approval for Postal Charges Required. Requisitions and petty-cash vouchers for purchases of postage items, e.g., stamps, meter postage, etc., must be approved by the Manager of Campus Mail before being submitted to Business and Accounting Services for processing.

C. Procedures. A budget number in the form of a barcode is required to charge postage costs too. Postal charges are billed monthly to departmental budgets. These charges are reflected on the monthly Detail Transaction Report (FWRDOAR). See CMR Addressing Web Page for details.

C-1. Campus Mail Restrictions. Campus mail is to be used for official UI purposes only. Personal mail should not be sent through the campus mail system. See CMR Guidelines & FAQ Web Page for details.

C-2. UPS Shipments. Campus Mail ships items UPS. A UPS mailing label must be used for those items shipped UPS. Go to our website to download UPS Labels.

C-3. UI Bulk Mail Sustainability Initiative.

D. Information. Any questions regarding campus mail operations or U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Automation Compatibility requirements should be addressed to Campus Mail operations at (208) 885-7011 or Campus Mail Email or Campus Mail Home Page. (Note: USPS Automation Compatibility requirements can provide significant discounts on outgoing U.S. Mail as well as provide enhanced service and delivery capabilities.)