35.26 - Above Ground Storage Tanks

Last updated August 18, 2005

A. General. Aboveground storage tanks that store hazardous materials are regulated by federal and state regulations and codes. An aboveground storage tank is defined as a tank larger than sixty (60) gallons in size. The definition of a hazardous material includes, but is not limited to, flammable liquids, petroleum products, oils, corrosive materials, solvents, and other chemicals.

B. Process. The type of hazardous material being stored will determine the type of tank construction required, and possibly, will determine where the tank can be located.

C. Procedure. The requirements for each proposed tank installation will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Before purchasing or installing an aboveground storage tank, please contact the Environmental Health and Safety Office, at (208) 885-6524, to determine the applicable tank and storage requirements for your situation.

D. Information. For additional information, please contact the Environmental Health and Safety Office at (208) 885-6524.